Handmade Mochi

My culinary adventures in China Town continue this week with the sampling of some Handmade Mochi. I recently blogged about some Mochi I found that I think were more of a ‘kids version’ of this popular East Asian dessert. They were ok but not ‘all that’, so when I spotted this more refined version of Mochi  by the same brand ‘Yuki & Love’ I thought I’d give it a go.
 The flavour of the filling is red bean with milk. I’ve only tried red bean once in a japanese restaurant in some of those little pancake things and remember it being pretty tasty, hence why I chose this flavour.
 As you can see they’re a different shape to the other mochi I tried before which were more like ‘balls’. These ones are like long soft sausages (so much innuendo to be had with this part of the blog post, huh?)
 The first thing I noticed was that they were absolutely coated in icing sugar(?). I’m assuming it’s icing sugar anyway. I imagine this is so they don’t become all sticky. But it did go EVERYWHERE. You get 5 in one of these packs as opposed to 12 in the other pack I tried.
The filling is once again not the runny, gooey consistency I expected when looking at the image on the box. I think that is clearly for illustrative purposes only and mochi filling is always a very squidgy and not runny.
Overall I do like these A LOT, I’ve now eaten the whole packet in the time I’ve written this blog post! They were from the Chinese Supermarket in China Town Manchester and cost me a bargainous £1.95. If anyone has any information about how good (or bad) these are for you then please tell me. I’m currently fooling myself that they’re a healthy alternative to sweets 😉