L’occitane Mini Haul

I always promised myself I would never do a ‘haul’ post but I went to Cheshire Oaks yesterday and visited the L’occitane outlet and went a bit…. mad.  I only went in for the tiny little Pivoine Flora perfume as the one I got ages ago in a ‘Latest in Beauty’ perfume sample box leaked in my make up bag – it now smells amazing though! I literally swooped around the store though, picking anything that caught my eye up. I’m blaming my new job making me think I can splurge because I get paid extra if I sleep over (Last night was my first sleep over shift, which was surprisingly OK!)
Anyway, here’s what I got! I was a sucker for the discount stickers that’s for sure. The first thing that ‘caught my eye’ was the Délive des Fleurs collection which is the most delicious violet and rose scent.
 It contains a solid perfume, hand cream and lip balm. I know I have an abundance of lip balms, handcreams and solid perfumes from Lush but I was TOO intrigued by the l’occitane ones!
 The splurge on the previous set was made up for by spotting the bargain that was the Red Rice starter kit which was discounted from a massive £21 to £3.40!!
 Although my skin is not oily, it is definitely combination and I am prone to a few spots here and there. So I can’t wait to try it. It contains a toner, cleanser and a matte face fluid.
 Continuing the bargain trail I then spotted this 95% Shea Butter Apricot Flower balm. Discounted from £10 to £2.50! Once again I have so many balms (favourite being the Body Shop Hemp balm)
 This one smells lovely and fresh though and the main appeal was that you can use it anywhere including your hair. You heat it up in your palms and it turns into a oil. I’ve got it on my hair now and unlike some things I’ve used like this (Superdrug Coconut Oil for one) It’s not left my hair heavy and greasy looking. It’s also an amazing lip balm!!
 Oh and here’s what I actually went in for. A small 5ml size of the Pivoine Flora perfume. It’s a lot like Paul Smith Rose but not as musky and  a lot more floral and fresh.This was £3.35 down from £15 (although I think thats a typo because I saw on the website they were £5 originally)
 And THEN I got all this free stuff!
 She gave me one of each sample of the hair care range and a sample of Rose 4 Reines body milk. I can’t wait to try the hair mask, eep.
 And I also got to choose a little bag with free gifts in they must be getting rid of from Christmas. It contained a shower gel, shower oil, soap, hand cream, ultra rich cream and precious cream for mah FACE.
I will do some follow up reviews of the contents. But so far so good! I absolutely love these outlet mall places, they can be a bit hit and miss but there are certainly a lot of discounted bargains to be had when you’re in the right (or wrong) mood!