New Beginnings

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@hello_terrilowe) then why not? You’re missing my LIFE man!! If you do though then you would have noticed that I am starting a new job tomorrow and had a lovely GARLICKY leaving curry with some of my bestest work buddies from the last 7 YEARS last night. I’m not going to lie, I was absolutely blown away by the presents they got me, I honestly wasn’t even expecting a card, not because they’re bastards or anything…. but because I am haha. Working in a supermarket has pretty much destroyed my soul over the past 7 years but the people who I have met and worked with have kept me sane and prevented me from jumping off a bridge during the time there. I’ve had quite a few jobs before from crappy warehouse ones, other smaller retail companies and even worked a stint for a Labour MP as an Administration Assistant, but this place is by far the most corporate and soul destroying employment I’ve ever experienced…. It all started as a full time job in stock control to get money to pass my driving test and get a car… What was a 6 month plan ended up being a 7 year one, I ended up moving departments a few times to prevent my mind from numbing itself and also the hours were perfect when I was at uni. At £7ish an hour I was earning a bit more than most student jobs usually pay out there. I’m not going to sugar coat the fact that to cure the boredom during this working arrangement I did tend to rub a few people up the wrong way, mainly managers….. But the amount of shit you can get working in retail is really disgusting. I mean some of them would have preferred it if you went home weeping every night rather than laughing off a hard day. Once I got blamed for the morale of the store being low…. 200 members of staff I was apparently ‘influencing’ with my ‘negativity’, shit, with skills like that I was definitely in the wrong job anyone want to join my new CULT?! I think the word they were really looking for was ‘cynism’ though, I bask in the ability to laugh of any situation! It is funny though how as a Community Champion for the store I nearly doubled the charity fundraising amount for the year, set up a Twitter account and arranged more activities in the store in 2 months than the previous girl did in a year, yet the one point the manager wanted to focus on was grammar and spelling for the Twitter account which was all correct anyway?! Some people’s minds are a mystery they really are! But I wont dwell, whilst I’m off doing new and exciting things the people who criticise and bring their employee’s down will probably still be working in a shop in 10 years time and the people they belittled, criticised and made working life a chore for will go on to bigger, better, happier things! I know I am. 
Anyway my new job starts tomorrow though in a completely different line of work. Working with teenagers and young people is what I always wanted to do, I initially wanted to be a teacher and did get onto the Design and Technology PGCE course but after being a full time student for 4 years I couldn’t afford it this year and also would have received over a grand less in loans and grants, boo hoo, in a year or two I will reconsider and depending on financial status reapply but who knows I may fall completely in love with my new job and not bother with teaching anyway, you can’t predict the future….. Anyway, here’s what I received from the lovely LOVELY people that were once colleagues but are now awesome friends…..
 There were a few more little gifts but the bag and the purse were the best things EVER.
 Love love handmade cards!!
The presents and cards were all well and good…. But then they bought out a surprise cake!!!

 I look absolute MUNT in all the pictures from last night which is a massive shame, because I’m usually so hot haha.

So I just thought I would write this blog post as a thank you to all the wonderful people I have met, worked with and served over the past 7 years you’ve been a blast!!! Even the ones I may have had disagreement with in the past and who didn’t come to the meal, I still think you’re great! Honestly! THANK YOU…… But no thanks to my now ex manager who demonstrated her petty immaturity by not giving to my collection and the comment she made….. Must suck to be so bitter all your life eh love! 🙂
And for my chums still there – Don’t let the bastards bring you down! 
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Good luck, and that cake looks awesome!

Skin and Blister

That cake ROCKS!!! Amazing. x

Good luck on your first day tomorrow.


love that candle! I want one of them!
p.s I've nominated you for the cute blog award! xx


Hey! Just discovered your blog. Fab cake!!
Would love you to stop by my blog (you could win £150 to spend in my Giveaway) & if you love please follow & I'll happily follow you back!
Happy Valentines Day xoxo

Rachel, Cold Knees

Ah I chuckled my way through this post! I love how you write. I worked for Sainsburys for a while, and the job was super dull but the people were amazing. I also worked for Woolies whilst at uni and met some equally horrid manager types who are probably still equally horrid and managing people in Iceland or something (the shop not the country of course). I love the red bag they bought you, lovely! Enjoy your new job 🙂 xx

Ember Drake

Awww the handmade card is lovely! Good luck with your new job!! 😀


Belle du Brighton

the cake! the cake!!!!!!!!!
I have worked for the same company for ten years, and it is pretty corporate as companies go, BUT as I am the manager of my workplace I have relative freedom to run the place as I wish. I can be a bit of a bitch at times, but of people do their jobs and look happy I have no cause for complaints generally! anyway off tangent… but I feel your corporate pain. well done for escaping!
Wishing you fantasmic work times ahead!!


Good luck with the new job! I have friends who have worked in supermarkets and heard how awful it is, but onwards and upwards to brighter things 🙂 x

Lorin Paterson!

Good luck with your new job! I'm so happy the good guy one 😉 and that cake looks amazing! xx

Suzanne Marie

thts so adroable! and good look with your new job !


Haha love that cake! Good luck in your new job!

Andrew Woodvine

Haha good post! I was randomly chatting to some random bloke called Simon in a random pub last week, he told me he works in the bakery where you worked. He knew you but never said that he was influenced by your apparent negativity!

Maybe your tweets were lacking grocers' apostrophes?


Haha you have awesome friends! Good luck with the new job x


Aww! Good luck to your new endeavors! The gifts are cute and sweet!:))


Aww thats so lovely 🙂 I would love to have such nice colleagues! So what exactly is your new job then? Congrats xx


Haha I love the cake! Some really thoughtful gifts from your colleagues 🙂 good luck in your new job! xx


Good look with the new job! At least u have a new bag for the first day!


Best of luck with your new job! That cake is amazing! lol xx

Beauty and the Beats

Haha that cake is brilliant!

Good luck in the new job, and well done for finally changing something you weren't happy with x

Amalea Costa

lovely post. Lovely gifts and LOL at that cake 🙂 so cool.


what lovely gifts:) Good luck tomorrow Im sure you will love your new job xx


Good luck with your new Job!