Technic ”prime it”

I’ve been eyeing up this Technic Primer in Bodycare for some time now, mainly because it’s obvious similarities in packaging to Benefit ‘that gal’ primer but without the price tag of £21.50… This comes in at a fraction of that price for £3.99. The reason I hesitated buying it for so long was purely because I’m not sure if I need a primer. As most of them cost as much or even more as the foundation itself. I’m wondering if the price tag for some is worth the hype, but even I can’t argue at £3.99 when compared to the price of other primers.
 So as you can see the label screams dupe of Benefit ‘That Gal’ the bright colours, the city scape, even the font is slightly similar. I do think the bottle feels kind of cheap, mainly because it WAS. Like I said in contrast to other primers on the market this is a snip at half the price of most. Even the Tesco Vivo primer costs around £6.
 You got 33ml as opposed to the 11ml of the full size That Gal.
 Although it doesn’t claim to have the same range of ‘healthy’ ingredients. I’ll be honest I know nothing about what the jiberish on the label actually means. Apart from aqua is water and limonene is some form of lemon extract? Stab in the dark for you. If anyone has any information about any of these ingredients good AND bad then please comment and let me know!
 The primer itself is white, unlike That Gal which has a slightly pinky hue from what I’ve seen online, there’s no fragrance, it kind of doesn’t smell of anything…. 
It rubs in fairly easily. It almost feels like it creates a slight bit of friction on the face, which I suppose it what primers are meant to do so the foundation ‘sticks’ on better. (I’m thinking like when you use undercoat before you varnish a door or something!) Saying that though, it doesn’t make the application of foundation difficult, It does seem to help it smooth on a lot better and I also found myself using nowhere near as much as I usually do. The primer gave better coverage overall…..
And here’s a gratuitous picture of my face after using the primer with my regular Bourjois healthy mix foundation with a touch of Corn Silk translucent powder over.
In conclusion; I think this primer was totally worth £3.99. It does seem to have made a difference to the application and longevity of the foundation.
And FYI:
You can pick up on Ebay a 7.5ml tube of Benefit ‘That Gal’ primer for as little at £1.99 (plus p+p) which I have now ordered to see how it compares to the Technic dupe. I must say the £1.99 price tag is very reasonable considering the full size Benefit is only 11ml and retails for £21.50! Do the math yo! I’ll do a comparison review when it comes off Mr Postman.
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I swear by this primer. I have red blotchy skin and this takes the redness away. No toner or anything I have ever used has done that. It could be the quality ingredients such as kaolin, which is China clay (I believe only found in 2 major pits in the world and used in ceramics and good cosmetics for it's skin benefits.)

You don't even need foundation if you use it, I've never even tried it with foundation before. However, I just bought Urban Decay's funky foundation potion bottle and I'll be trying it with that.


Only other ingredient I know is Linalool which you will find in pretty much every single moisturiser going… It's the grease off sheep wool! (thank BBC Three for that little nugget of info!)
Elcie x


What a bargain! I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle! It just goes to show, paying more for something doesn't always mean that the product is better. Thanks for sharing! xoxox

The Sunday Girl

I normally love Benefit products but hated that gal…too sticky! This primer doesn't sound too bad though 🙂 may pick one up x

Marie Loves

I really need to get to Bodycare. I keep hearing about so many great Technic products!!

Lovely review.

Marie x


I bought the 7.5ml tube of 'That Gal', and I really didn't like it. I felt it left my skin incredibly sticky, and was far too liquidy. It was more like a bad moisturiser! Well, I thought so! xx


cool! i've never really seen a good review of a primer like this and i've never used one before so i'm considering trying it now x


been dying to see a review on this, so glad its okay, i will be picking some up xxx


never heard of this brand before so was nice to read ur pot, would love to se a post on how they both compair. I also agree with the other comment be so careful with ebay! i have had so much fake make up sent to me i stay well away now xxx

Shayy Mason

So buying this, YAY FOR TECHNIC DUPES xx


I wish i'd seen this BEFORE buying my benefit primer!! I can't believe the similarities! I do like my benefit one because of the raspberry scent but I definitely have bought a name rather than a product it seems. Ney mind! xx

Laura Morrall

I've seen this too, and have been debating whether to buy it or not for a while also.

Think I'll have to go and buy it after reading your review, it sounds great for the price… Thanks for sharing 🙂


I've never heard of this brand before. Going to have to check can I get it in Ireland:D Great Post xx

CherryBeautyBomb x

Hey nice post !
Be careful with ebay benefit buys I just ordered from someone called majestic cosmetics and it was a fake porefessional, it was just regular foundation in the tube rather than the creamy marvellousness that is Benefit porefessional x most upset an waiting refund!


I nearly bought this the other day but opted for a different primer but i may actually give this one a try now. Thanks for your review 🙂