Thornton’s Chocolate Blocks

I discovered the range of chocolate blocks in Thorntons a while back, they really appealed to me because there was such a wide variety of flavours and packaging design really stood out. I’ve tried a few in the past and quite liked them, so when having a look in Thornton’s the other day and spotting these flavours I just had to give them a go.
I chose the Limited Edition Lemon and Sea Salt, Orange and Cardamon and Lightly Salted Pistachio. I’ll admit the choice was not just made based on the interesting flavours but also the colours of them. The shit green shade of the Pistachio for example was just meant to be in my life.
 I’ll start with the most ‘out there’ flavour. When I first saw this I actually thought ”Sea Salt – normal. Lemon – ergh” which demonstrates how backwards I am probably! I’ve tried the Lindt salty chocolate before and it was really nice and for some reason this day I was in the mood for something sweet yet savoury. The flavour of this one was a tad more subtle than I expected. The lemon was delicate and you got just a hint of sea salt. I always find Thornton’s chocolate blocks to be very creamy, almost like they’re inbetween Galaxy chocolate and Dairy Milk on the creamyness scale. I was’t overly taken by this but it was repugnant like most would assume!
 Next up we have the Lightly Salted Pistachio. If you know me, you would have probably felt the wrath of me moaning about salt in food lately, so sorry for the contradiction by buying two salty based chocolates (?!) I just love pistachios! This one is really nice, once again the base chocolate is that lovely creamy Thornton’s type. I can see why this won an award, it’s such a nice flavour and the tiny little pistachio pieces inside make it just the right consistency. Probably my favourite of the three here.
And finally we have Orange and Cardamom. You’ve probably tried cardamom when having a curry or it’s sometimes found in the rice in the form of pods. It’s a distinct almost bitter but slightly minty flavour. It’s quite hard to explain unless you’ve tasted it. Anyway with the orange it’s a really nice contrast of flavours. Not quite as bold a contrast as the sea salt and lemon but this one seems to cleanse your palette a bit more (Jesus I’m starting to sound like Heston here, it’s only chocolate!) But yeah, it’s kind of refreshing. A really delicate yet distinct flavour.
You can pick this range up from most Thorntons stores or online for £1.79 each of 3 for £5.