Valentines what?

I’ve seen so many posts lately about ‘Valentines Gift Idea’s’ and what people would like for Valentines day…. All I want to say is-stop it, stop it at once! Stop buying in to this sloppy excuse for a celebration. Stop wasting you and your partners money on tacky gifts. Stop using it as an excuse to get a bit of attention with a thoughtless generic present. Just stop it! Stop it NOW. 
Don’t get me wrong, I have a boyfriend and I’m happy with that. I’m not a bitter single cat lady (yet…. thats the ultimate dream though). I just don’t like pointless celebrations. If you’re in that much of a loving relationship you wouldn’t need a particular day of the year to express your ‘love’ with corporate hoo-har. The other day I saw cupcakes in Asda being marketed as a special limited edition valentines gift…. which went out of date a week before valentines day?! If you do need to show your ‘love’ at this rather pointless time of the year, get a bit creative eh?I know I sound awful and like a bad person but I’m not. I just dislike the idea of being made to celebrate something just for the sake of it! (Saying that, I will probably be showered in wonderful gifts because I’m the best girlfriend ever!) So anyway, here’s my short list of things I do not want this Valentines day (and my reasons why);
Number ONE. Flowers:
Flowers are number one on my list of most pointless present EVER. They’re not just pointless as a present. They are pointless in LIFE. Seriously, I don’t get it. Why would you buy someone you had affection for a bunch of things you could find in a good garden for free that ultimately DIE. It’s like saying ‘Hey, I like you, but not enough to buy you something thoughtful and worthwhile so please have these things that look pretty for now but will wither and die as quickly as our relationship is going to’ I would probably end the relationship there and then.
Number TWO. Chocolate:
Why would I need some chocolate as a token of ‘love’? I could go to the shop myself and buy a freaking mars bar. It’s like saying ‘Here ya go you tubby cow, I could of taken you for a nice meal but I know deep down you’re happiest stuffing your face with fancy crap’ I would much rather a bag of crisps. If you really loved me you’d make them Kettle Crisps, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar and nothing less, thanks.
Number THREE. Bath and Body Products:
Oh right, just because I live in a house with 3 cats means I stink of cat piss? Thanks for the hint, love!
Number FOUR. A Teddy Bear:
Especially one that says ‘Be Mine’… Who are you? Charles Manson??? CREEPY.
There are things I do find acceptable, but not on valentines day, just like, throughout the year. Things like cooking me a nice meal, making me a funny card, writing me a cute note. Even making me a mix CD which contained cheesy love ballads would be better than the above tat (srsly, don’t do this for me, anyone)…….I think I’ve said enough. I’m not completely miserable, but receiving some of those gifts would certainly make me.

Joy Division//Love Will Tear Us Apart
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best post!!


Amen, even though I've never had a valentines present/card ever!


Ahaa, love it! expecially the flowers one, so funny 🙂



This post really made me laugh! I can't stand going out for a meal on Valentines… especially when you are surrounded by awkward looking couples who seem to just be going through the motions. I still like Valentines, but am a firm believer in love all year round! x


This is the best Valentines post I've read so far. Thanks for cheering me up 😀 x

Ember Drake

Great post! I'm feeling very anti-Valentines this year – it seems to just be a way for businesses to make a heck of a lot of money from people who feel they have to subscribe to it all.

I was bought a dozen roses for Valentines last year – £60 quid!! They were very pretty but goodness me there's better things that money could've been spent on than flowers that died within a week!



Ah see while I do think you should show the person you love them throughout the year I am never going to turn down a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Flowers were something my boy could send me while we were in a long distance relationship because of the wonders of interfloral so they always make me happy!

People that want teddy bears over the age of 8 are just plain weird.


I like waiting to buy chocolate after Valentine's Day when its all on offer, haha x

Belle du Brighton

Oh you! this made me chuckle. Why indeed do you need a special day to give someone a card or a gift, if you love them tell them whenever you want to and show your love however you want to! Plus for us its so much at once, xmas, jan 24th my bday feb 11th his bday. bloody all presented out by then!

And flowers die. Saying that, I got given flowers at work on friday, which was nice. but still! I wouldnt want sam to waste his dosh on them for me!

Frock and Kohl

haha funny x

Honey Go-Lightly

I hate Valentines too but not as much as you haha! I have to agree about the bear Eek! But I do love flowers, they just look pretty…


Haha this post made me laugh, I do however, happen to adore flowers..