Afternoon Tea with Benefit

Hola! Today I had a wonderful time at the final date on the Benefit Road Show celebrating the forthcoming launch of their new Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW liquid foundation.
Hello Flawless is set to continue Benefit’s reign in the high end world of beauty, they’ve been a bit clever and done their research, finding out what people want and need from a foundation and mixing it all together in one magic bottle. It brightens the face, it’s oil free, AND  it contains SPF 25 (!) P+++ (the P+++ thing is to do with the protection grade of the UV filter, this foundation contains the highest rating thus meaning the highest protection – a foundation first!)
So, at the event we were treated to a live demonstration of how to apply our foundation like a pro! I was quite pleased with myself when they mentioned my ‘Fave of the Week’ which was the b.right facial emulsion, it’s like I know something about make up or something!? That was applied first, then The Porefessional, followed by Oxygen WOW. Lisa Potter Dixon; Head Make Up Artist for Benefit, also explained why applying foundation with a brush was the best thing to do (as opposed to fingers or a sponge) and it definitely made more sense to me – being a brush n00b an’ all! You get a more consistent coverage with a brush with no dirt or oil from your hands and there’s no where near as much wastage as when applying it with a sponge. I guess I should already know that really!
 Another thing I was taken by at the event was these amazing Benefit WOW themed post-it notes, how awesome are they?! Unfortunately non of us got to keep these, I’m cursing the lucky bastard they belong to though! 
 We then went upstairs in Harvey Nichols to divulge in some Afternoon Tea. It was a great opportunity for a chat with not only Lisa and the other event organisers but other bloggers too. These types of things are awesome for putting faces to names!
 The view was lovely, the sun was shining, the food and drink was amazeeee. We got offered a cheeky little bonus of a glass of champers too, lah-de-dah.
 If you’re a regular reader then you will know that I love my food. So when the little selection of sandwiches and treats was presented to us I had a mini field day tasting one of everything.
 Yum yum yum. The most interesting thing out of this selection was the ‘Lavender Lumps’ (probably not actually called that) But they were odd, I still can’t decide if I liked them or not. They were like profiteroles with french custard inside and dried lavender on the outside. Hmmm!
Overall a completely pleasant a lovely day, thanks Benefit!
Reviews of the new foundation and Benefits’ Cabana Glama coming up this week….. (ps sorry for the image quality on this post, that camera claimed to be 8mpx and good quality, blergh!)
Here’s some better quality ones from the Benefit UK official Facebook page (well, the only ones where I don’t look too grim)

Not quite sure what I was talking about there, possibly my sweat problem….
*FYI some images courtesy of my poopy phone camera, some courtesy of the benefit facebook team.