Alpro Almond Milk

I wasn’t going to blog about my new discovery of Almond Milk, but then when I tweeted about what a taste sensation it was I got quite a few questions about availability and if it was tasty nom nom’s or not. So here I am, blogging about it. I’m on a bit of a health/weight loss kick lately after realising I weigh about 2 stone more than I thought I did, so when I was browsing around the long life milk section in the supermarket the other day I eyed up the soya milk. I didn’t realise how many more calories regular milk has to milk alternatives so I was so surprised when I discovered how much healthier almond milk was to even semi skimmed milk.
I rarely use milk as it is but I want to eat more cereal and as ashamed I am to admit it, I even bought some powdered slim fast! (I’m terribly 90’s I know) So I thought this would make it even better for me. It has a lot more nutrients and vitamin B2, B12 and D. You can never get enough vit’s yeah.
As you can see the calorie count is SO low, I compared it to regular semi skimmed milk and that contains approximately 47calories per 100ml, where as this is 48 calories per 200ml! Good huh? No saturated fat. Just pure Almond Milk.
It tastes SO good, on it’s own it’s just like a sweet slightly subtle nutty flavour. I can’t put my finger on what I’ve had that tastes like it before though, obviously something almond flavoured, but this is a really unique flavour. I’ve been experimenting with what it tastes the best in. But I actually think it tastes the best on its own, even though earlier I had it in a big cup of coffee and it was a little bit like a ameretto coffee but not with the alcoholic flavour, yum yum.
You can pick Alpro Almond milk up from your local supermarket for around £1.48 for a litre, it’s usually placed on the aisle with the long life milk!