Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix

Yesterday when I was out and about I realised my make up just wasn’t lasting the day. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting up earlier for work and touching my face more when I’m still sleepy or I’m just using shit foundation. But anyway I nipped into Superdrug because I thought I’d use some testers to cover up my spots that were by mid afternoon on full glorious red show. After trying a few from across the make up stands (I have a few spots at the moment – attractive) The one that seemed to possess the best quick fix win was Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix, foundation concealer powder 3 in 1. It also has SPF 15 to boot.
 The colour looked really orange compared to the tester I tried out. But it matched my face alright. When I rubbed the top ‘layer’ off it did look a little paler underneath though. I chose ‘Honey’ as there only appeared to be two shades and this was the lighter one. I don’t really like buying foundations with names like that as it make me think they’re meant to be orangey as honey is orange?! But I remember myfavefoundationever which was the Collection 2000 perfecting minerals was an odd shade collection with Honey being lighter than Ivory. Weird.
 It also features a sponge applicator and built in mirror which is pretty handy. 
 The creamy foundation turns into an almost liquid when you rub the sponge on to it and then when it ‘sets’ it goes matte. Not as matte as I imagined considering it claims to dry to powder but it doesn’t really matter too much. It’s about the same level of matte as the 17 Miracle Matte Foundation really.
The coverage I would say was Medium. I’m still after a heavy weight full coverage foundation at an affordable price. Does anyone have any reasonable suggestions preferably under £10?!. When I used it this morning I combined it with the aforementioned 17 foundation to get the amount of coverage I could DEAL with during this time of great spottyness. But it’s really good for out and about for ‘top ups’. I found the sponge applicator was a bit pointless as more seemed to absorb into that than transfer onto my face, so I resorted to using my fingers. I’m yet to try a make up brush properly (apart from a cheapo foundation brush from primark and a kabuki brush in the bourjois mousse foundation) I’m after one that’s not to hard, not too soft, perhaps a stippling brush? I think that might be the type of thing I’m after, once again, suggestions at a reasonable price would be appreciated!
Overall I think this foundation is a GREAT all rounder. It might not provide me with the immediate coverage I would LIKE right now but it’s buildable. It’s also good for out and about touch ups especially with the integrated mirror. And for the price of £4.99 it’s a win win purchase really.