Hoarding Diaries – Fancy Face

Next up on the little hoarding series of posts we have face stuff, like foundations, powders and BB creams. I think this is what made me realise how much make up I have that I don’t use, I found the l’oreal visible lift and 17 balancing foundation in a basket of stuff I thought I’d sorted out a few weeks ago! Alas not!
 (l-r l’oreal visible lift, bourjois healthy mix, err unidentified one I for some reason pulled the label off?! 17 balancing foundation, 17 miracle matte foundation)
 (l-r arezia BB cream, garnier miracle skin perfecter)
(l-e no7 perfect light loose powder, cornsilk satin powder, collection 2000 ultimate fix, collection 2000 perfecting minerals, sleep cream to powder)

Like, seriously, why do I need so many of these things that are pretty much all the same colours and uses??! I must admit I do tend to steer clear of liquid foundations as I like a matte finish and usually put powder over them to make them ‘set’. Which annoys me because powders can cost just as much as the liquid and sometimes the combination makes me come out orange! Anyway, lately I have been experimenting with foundations a little bit more as I realised my stash of my favourite foundation in the world ever is not going to last forever.
Yes, my favourite foundation in the world EVER is a Collection 2000 one. It’s seriously amazing stuff and for some reason they discontinued it a few years ago. I managed to get 4 pots off ebay though to last me. It’s a mineral powder and you simply brush it on over moisturiser. It provides the best finish EVER. Full coverage, dewy glow, perfect skin. Its amazing. But alas no more. It really really gets my goat that they discontinued it! It was only something like £5 as well.
Out of my liquid foundations these two are probably my favourites. The Bourjois healthy mix is quite good and leaves my skin feeling nice but I have to put a powder over to make it stay and not look shiney. The 17 Miracle Matte is great for a quick morning face before work, as it dries relatively matte and can be topped up throughout the day.
I’m sure some of you are intrigued by the aforementioned BB cream as well. I bought this off eBay about a year ago after the BB intrigue set in. I got it from a Korean seller so no idea about how genuine it is or anything sorry! I must say I was slightly disappointed with the product as it’s just like a creamy foundation, I expected it to have a little bit of shimmer like the Garnier one. I use it occasionally when my skin is bad because it apparently has Tea Tree and Lavender oil in it which should help, but once again, no idea if it has these actual ingredients in it! Buying make up off ebay is a massive mine field, but alas it does nothing bad to my skin so it’s fine for those spotty too hotty days.
How many foundations do you own? What’s your favourite? I’m desperate to try the Revlon Photo Ready one after loads of recommendations recently!