Harissa explains it all.

I’m still lol-ing at my witty pun for the title of this post (and will probably be lol-ing through to the end, and then some). I noticed this microwavable pouch of Merchant Gourmet Harissa flavoured Cous Cous the other day when shopping in Asda. Usually the sight alone of these microwavable pouches makes me feel like retching my guts up thinking of the vile taste that comes from those disgusting packets of Uncle Ben’s Microwaveable rice. They all taste like plastic flavoured lumpy vomit…. .Something drew me to this cous cous though and I just had to buy it. I think it’s because I was intrigued by the ‘Harissa’ flavour as I’d noticed it a few times whilst going around the store and I’d not heard of it before….
 It’s a pretty simple concept. Just tear a small bit of the packaging open and pop it in the microwave for a minute, I assumed cous cous is a healthy alternative (not sure as an alternative to what though? Perhaps…. er… Pork Scratchings?) So to have a healthy-ish meal-y type thing in a minute sounded good to me.
Et voil√° it was done. A minute like it said. As you can see there are a few big lumpy bits aside from the ‘fluffy’ cous cous. I think this is because I didn’t squidge the package around enough.

The taste itself is nothing overwhelming but not at all offensive, just a mild spice flavour. I ate the whole lot up, and even though it was fairly pleasant and very filling I found myself having those horrid acidy come backs a few hours later, like I had a litre of oil and grease floating around my belly… Is that acid indigestion? I’ve only had it about twice in my whole life! It only cost around ¬£1 but for the lack of taste and the after effects I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again. Sorry microwave pouches you just aint my bag (even if you do give me a mint idea for a blog post title)