Hoarding Diaries – Manic Moisturisers

Today I’m looking at my Moisturisers. I know I have a heap more than there is here but this was the result of cleaning out ONE basket of stuff, I didn’t dare go onto the rest of my stashes. It’s good though because it pretty much demonstrates the best and worst moisturisers I’ve tried.
 (l-r Korres rose 24 hr moisturiser, clinique dramatically different, monu revitalising moisturiser, clean and clear dail facial, benefit total moisture, the doctor brand blemish relief, vichy normaderm, burts bee’s acne solutions, l’occitane red rice)
 The worst out of this bunch are these 3 wastes of time. The Doctor Brand one cost me £30 in a set designed to rid me of spots, I followed the 3 step system religiously in the months running up to my brothers wedding to no avail. The result was a very spotty bridesmaid, I was furious! Haha. The Burt’s Bee’s Acne Solutions one was also in a 3 step set, it’s not a particularly BAD product, it just didn’t work as much as I’d of liked and doesn’t smell very nice. And finally Clinique Dramatically Different – my skin isn’t oily, I get spots due to mental hormones, but Dramatically Different just let me dramatically oily. Really not the right moisturiser for me, and alas the oil caused more spots.
The winners out of this bunch are these. I recently discovered the Benefit b.right range and bought the intro set (the review is somewhere on my blog if you look) The whole range really refreshes your skin and even when using all 7 products in one night you aren’t left with an oily result or loads of spots, it smells awesome too. The Monu Revitalising Moisturiser is really good too, the ingredients help redness and inflammation and keep my skin relatively clear. And finally the l’occitane Red Rice Moisturiser I have been using alongside the cleanser and toner from the range. It’s a really nice moisturiser that leaves the skin matte and oil free.
Favourite moisturisers anyone?