Kiss Eyelashes

I’m not really big on false eyelashes, I’m scared to wear them out as I fear them falling off and landing on my upper lip resembling some kind of Hitler ‘tache and sometimes I just don’t like the look of them on some people – they often give the wearer some kind of droopy eye effect that just looks weird. Anyway I got these Kiss Eyelashes from Home Bargains for 75p, their RRP is around £5 so a bargain was certainly had, but were they any good? WELL…..
 The idea of them is they have strings attached to the corners so they’re ‘easier’ to put on. As I’ve only attempted to wear lashes once and wasn’t too arsed about them I didn’t see how this would make them any easier to apply, I mean it’s pretty simple to apply them anyway?! I thought the lashes themselves looked nice and natural so for a eyelash n00b they wouldnt be over kill and make me look weird.
I know they were 75p but if I’d have paid £5 for them to then realised they don’t come with glue in I would have been pretty disgruntled! But alas they didn’t so I tried to apply them with some glue from a cheapo pair of lashes someone gave me.
 Ok, there I was raring to go, up for the lash application, yeah let’s do it!! Only to find when I pulled the lashes out of the packaging one of the strings had fallen off one side, and it was near impossible to put it back on. Defeating the object of the lashes completely! 
I tried to apply them regardless of that though, the lashes had a really sticky strip already on them from the packaging which was a bit weird. I put the glue on anyway and it must have been the cheapest, shittest glue ever. It didn’t even stick them for a second. Thus meaning the whole exercise was a complete waste of time! No string and shit glue. Therefore if you’re thinking of paying a fiver for these – don’t. For 75p you can’t expect much though so that’s ok. I’ll try again with some other glue because as I said this is the type of lash I would be interested in wearing as they’re quite natural looking. 
Have you tried these? What dya reckon?