Lacura Foundation

I’ve a lot of love for ALDI, ever since my days as a student living with a bunch of Germans I have appreciated  their low prices and interesting variety of food. I’d have never have thought to buy make up from there though, until I saw milk bubble tea blog about it last week. The price and good review appealed to me quite a bit… I haven’t got enough foundation already, eh.
 The price was a mere £2.49 which is pretty cheap huh? I must admit the packaging does feel like you’re buying a £2.49 product, but it’s what on the inside that counts…
I’ve only just actually read the description on the box and it boasts some pretty good ingredients I reckon! Shea Butter and Aloe Vera always comes in handy on the face.
The foundation comes in 4 shades. The lightest being ’10 Transparent’ which I chose as I’m rather pale. I did feel as though it may still be a little too dark despite being the lightest but it actually wasn’t and the coverage is far from transparent. 
Once again the tube itself does scream incredibly cheap, it holds little information and feels like it came from the pound shop. But like I said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!!
And on the inside we have the creamiest foundation I’ve used for a long while. The formula is slightly sticky I’ll admit the smell is slightly off putting for me. It’s quite a floral scent, but some people may like this. The coverage this foundation provides is pretty amazing. It’s pretty much the heavy type of coverage I’ve been after! The colour matches my skin tone perfectly despite my initial worries of orangeness. I didn’t use a powder to ‘set’ it either as I wanted to see if the stickyness went, and it did, it gives quite a dewy matte finish overall (although the dewyness may be from the soap and glory hocus focus I used beforehand, but usually this doesn’t show through foundations) The only thing I did notice was because I’d built it up applying twice this morning I did have the dreaded line around my jawline! eep! Spotted before I left the house though and quickly rectified with a quick rub.
Have you tried this before? What do you think?