Lucozade Revive

I love energy drinks, I’m not gonna lie. Ishouldn’t though as I keep convincing myself I have some form of diabetes (should really get that checked out shouldn’t I?) So drinking sugary drinks and peeing about 5 times more regularly than I already do isn’t very healthy for me I reckon. However, when I saw the new Lucozade Revive Energising drink in Tesco, on offer, how could I resist? Ginger and Lemongrass is one of my favourite combinations in a beverage so I simply must of had it! 
 The new Lucozade Revive boasts a mere 50 Calories per bottle in comparison to over 200 in a regular bottle, what a winner. They come in a variety of flavours including Cranberry and Acai which is next on my list to try.
 Apparently it’s all the B Vitamins in the drink that give you the energy and fight fatigue. 
The taste of the drink itself was pretty darn awesome. Although I found when I bought individual bottles and then the multipack the taste was slightly different?! The multipack bottles didn’t seem as flavoursome and not as gingery. Although I could just be imagining that? I don’t know. It’s a lot more refreshing than regular lucozade as it’s not as ‘heavy’…. Does that make sense? Can a fizzy drink be heavy?! I dunno, if you try it you might get what I mean though! Overall a really different drink not only compared to the other varieties of lucozade but also compared to other supermarket bottled drinks you’ll find on the shelf. Try it!