Primark Pastels

Yeaaaah, getting to that stage now where I take posey shots of myself in outfits. You know the type – oooh look at meeee I think I’m a m0delzzz. That is not what I was thinking when taking this first shot though, but this is the only one I snapped before the guy in the house next door came out and gave me his ‘WTF are you doing’ face….
Anyway this lovely pinky pastelly spotty number is from Primark. It cost £17… I know right? £17 from Primark!? But it was worth it, I bought it last year and it’s endlessly lovely in warm weather.
I teamed it with this lovely blue pastel bow belt I also got from Primark for £2. It’s a bit strange though as the bow is meant to be on the front (according to the mannequins) but the buckle fastening is on the back. I don’t mind though cuz it looks cute.
Once again rockin’ the turquoise cross bracelet from Trash and Trinkets!

And this necklace is one of my favourites ever! I got it from a little boutique shop in Newcastle Under Lyme. I’ve no idea who makes them but I’ve got a few in a similar layered style, like a owl and a caterpillar.
And where would I be without my trusty Betsy Johnson sunglasses….
What do you prefer to wear in the summer? Are you a legs out kinda gal or do you maxi it up?
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La borsa di Mary Poppins

Amazing accesories!!!

Nicola Dawson

I love the belt! Primark constantly blows my mind.


gorgeous dress and the belt is cute!! 🙂

Tegan McIntosh

haha cute. Who care's what that guy was thinking? I loved seeing your awesomesauce dress 🙂


Such a pretty outfit! This maxi really suits you, the polka dots are beautiful – as is the belt, it's just too cute for words! (And for only £2!) I love your necklace, and your bracelet, all just too cute for words! You look so lovely in these photos – summer radiance or what?!

Pip x

Dragon Mommy

Lovely outfit, so summery!
Primark aren't that cheap anymore are they? I picked up a few things today and put them back due to their price. Some of their items can easily match prices from New Look and to be honest I'd rather shop their for the quality.

Holli x


Gorgeous outfit. In the summer maxis save me when I can't be bothered to fake tan!
Newcastle under lyme is only down the road from me(ish), good old mid-cheshire =)


Great outfit, love the belt and jewellery 🙂

beautiful me plus you

Love the dress! It really looks great with your comlexion! and the belt is just so cute! x Marina

Sian Thomas

I bought this dress last year but when I got it home, it just really didn't suit me!! It looked really odd on me for some reason so I sent it off to another blogger I knew wanted it =D But it looks amazing on you!! And so perfect for this beautiful weather =)