Savlon Healing Gel

Savlon? WHURT? 
”That ain’t a beauty product! That ain’t glamorous! That ain’t an expensive luxury! What you playing at blogging about SAVLON?”
I know right? Well, let me explain. As you may have noticed by my slight HARPING ON about it; I’ve been suffering with a few unwelcome visitors on my FACE lately in the form of spots. Some may say I am ”Spotty too Hotty” (By some, I mean me) to give an amusing spin on the matter. But I’m gonna be honest, there ain’t anything amusing about spots. Since my teens I have been a sufferer. It’s not just the aesthetic unpleasantness of spots that annoys me  but the pain too, some of them hurt like a motherbitch.  By no means do I have acne or anything too extreme although I do get regular break outs. My skin is the worst, it’s not greasy or oily at all, I have normal to dry skin and my spots are mainly caused by crazy hormones. I have tried EVERYTHING and I mean everything. From £40 3 step kits to superdrug basics. It’s really hard to find products that work as most spot treatments are aimed at oily/combination skin. Anyway, I always end up going back to the same things after remembering how miraculous they are,  my always forgotten but affordable spot fighting weapon is usually Witch Stick. It’s so cheap and effective. But I found some Savlon Healing Gel in my piles of stuff and remembered regular Savlon working almost over night to clear my skin so I gave it a go….

….Low and behold, OVER NIGHT the most persistent of spots on my chin and forehead had dramatically reduced in size and redness. Just dab a little bit directly on after moisturising and leave it! Nothing complicated or expensive going here readers….

So there you go, stop wasting your money and stick to the classics!
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I'm going to give it a go, though I don't exactly agree with u in terms of the Witch stick-didn't do anything on my spots. Everybody's skin is different, I guess… how long does Savlon take to completely get rid of the spots?


Gonna have to get some of this and see if it clears up my spots! Thanks for the review x


Seriously savlon is a total god send!


If you want a natural alternative try Manuka it is fantastic for healing spots


I <3 Savlon! Never used it for spotties, but maybe now I will…


Hi, does this work on spot scarring too? I too have hormonal breakouts but I can't leave them alone and now I have some reddy/purple marks on jawline. I'm trying the PureActive by Garnier (roll on) but haven't seen much difference yet tbh.



Rosehip oil is supposed to aid healing scars, but choose one from a company that uses pure natural oils (e.g peachykeen) Don't choose bio oil I know its cheap put they fill it with petrochemicals and you won't benefit from any of the plant extracts.