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Even though I have the most brilliant nose in the world ever and the most beautiful face you will ever see (JOKESSS) I’m stepping slightly out of my blogging comfort zone and doing a hair/face post! Huzzah. I’m really pushing the boat out lately, with these outfit and face pictures cropping up aren’t I? Anyway, I was sent some OSiS products to try which were intended to ‘recreate’ some of the looks seen on the Dancing on Ice Rock themed episode. I know what you’re thinking if you know me, why the hell would I be interested in Dancing on Ice right? Well, the hair and make up on that show is pretty amazing if you think about it! The amount of time they must spend perfecting the hair so it doesn’t all fall out and look crap after the routine must be pretty lengthy. So with these products I’m apparently all set to get myself some hair that will hold for my daily dancing routines (around my bedroom, with the cat)
 The first product is the Body Me Volume Serum. You apply it to damp hair then blow dry from the roots to creative some initial volume, I must admit when reading the bottle and seeing it has medium control and seeing the consistency of it I wondered what the difference was between this and gel? Either way though it does the job.
And I also received some Finishing Spray. This was a bit strange for me as it wasn’t an aerosol but a pump action spray. It’s a very strange type of spraying action to get used to at first as it does spritz the hairspray out quite liberally so caught me a bit unaware at first. Now apologies for the poor quality of the below images it was in the evening and the lightening is terrible in this house so makes me look a little off colour (orangey perhaps)
So I went for some waves. I just used regular, old fashioned, medium barrelled curling tongues for this. I curled my hair in small sections then brushed it through. Then used the hair spray to set it. 
As my hair needs a jolly good cutting and my layers are everywhere, when it was down it didn’t have the body/texture I wanted. It looked a bit sparse in places and I think I also used a bit too much product in it and that separated it more and left my hair a little bit flat. So I cracked out some curby grips and pinned it up loosely. The waves lasted all night and until I washed it the next day (with a hangover I’ll add) For next time I will know to use the products a bit more sparingly but overall I’m impressed with the staying power!
And yarp I did receive these products for free but as you can tell it’s an honest opinion. Honesty is the best policy you know!


  1. March 17, 2012 / 12:03 pm

    Very pretty 🙂

    Holli x

  2. March 17, 2012 / 3:35 pm

    You look beautiful, your hair is amazing! Gorgeous colour and I love the curls x

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