Watermelon Salad

A post with a bit of a bit of a difference today. After weighing myself for the first time in about 6 years the other day and almost having a seizure, I’ve made the decision to try and eat a bit healthier…. I don’t generally eat that much or that bad as it is, but something needs to be done I tell thee. My half hearted attempt of ‘cutting down’ is going to lose me a stone in a month (or so I can fool myself anyway) I refuse to follow diets or eat low fat products though, so because I like new things and different flavours I came up with this little salad.
The first thing I did was make the dressing, I’m a long time lover of balsamic vinegar and could drink it by the gallon. However, on salad it’s a bit runny. So I swished it into some Cherry Conserve (not that mental I have seen cherry and balsamic dressing for sale ready mixed but it cost about £6!) To add a bit of a kick I mixed chilli powder in. It tasted AMAZING. 
For the salad itself I combined:
Feta Cheese
Black Olives
Lettuce and 
Watermelon is awesome on salads, it’s really refreshing in summer and contrasting with the other bold flavours of the balsamic dressing I made it was extra tasty. If you grab a bit of bacon, watermelon and feta at the same time it’s the epitome of a taste sensation!
If I was to make this again (WHICH I WILL, I could eat it every day!) I would add a red onion. Red onion is another thing that goes with watermelon really well.
What do you think? Would you try a salad like this? I would strongly advise it. If anyone else has an strange, weird and wonderful ‘out of the box’ recipes or food combo’s let me know, the healthier the better too!
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Kerys Marie

mouth. is. watering.
oooosh I'm making this for my lunch!!

Kerys -ox
Little Bo Blab


This looks delicious! Great way to make a salad seem a lot less boring! x


Dragon Mommy

Mmm this looks so yummy. I'm having a salad tonight, wont be half as exciting as yours though!

Holli x


this looks so yummy! how much did you use of each to make the dressing? I really want to try it!


you have crazy taste buds! i couldn't stomach watermelon and any of the other ingredients together. i LOVE feta cheese though, i love it on pasta 🙂

i'm really into adding nuts to salads at the moment. i have a craving for them all the time! pinenuts with pesto (of course) and on spinach and with 'fresh' green salads, and walnuts with apple salads and lemon vinegars. ooooo! i'm obsessed with cooking channels. if only i could cook properly!