Alpro Hazelnut Drink

A while ago I got me some Alpro Almond Milk which was in every sense, a taste sensation. So you can imagine the levels of intrigue that bestowed me when I spotted they also do a Hazelnut version in Asda the other day.
My immediate thought was to turn this bad boy into a hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake so it would taste like Nutella, I did and IT DID. It’s simply amazing. If not a slightly more subtle flavour than real Nutella, but do they do that in a drinkable form yet? Nope! So this’ll have to do for the meantime won’t it. I think the next thing I will have to try is Almond milk in Cherry Horlicks, it’ll be like a hot  liquid cherry bakewell (maybe?!?!).
As you can see it has some lovely vitamins and minerals within it too, just like the Almond version. I have tried in in tea and coffee and the taste remains pretty subtle, but still there slightly and a low calorie substitute for milk.
Overall such a good idea for an alternative to milk. I know I liked the flavours of hazelnuts and almonds, but I was still a bit apprehensive to try these, mainly because I’m not a massive fan of milk. But alas, I tried and they are awesome. Nice on their own and nice within other things. Win win all round. You can pick it up by the longlife milk in your local supermarket for around £1.50. 
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I just recently tried the Almond one and I have to say, I'm converted. It tastes amazing on cereal or just on it's own! Lovely 🙂

bows are cute

My mom bought this and I really like the taste of it!


this looks incred! im definatley gonna try the hot chocolate! xxxxxxx



Lisa Philbin

My boyfriend prefers Soya milk, so we are always on the lookout for a milk alternative and we tried this one… Absolutely lovely! Its great when warmed up and poured over weetabix! noms!

Dragon Mommy

Holy moly I need this milk in my life. I'm going on te hunt for it tomorrow!
I friggin love your food and drink posts 😀

Holli x


Tesco have this on offer for £1 at the moment, I finally got round to trying the almond one!