Brogues and Loafers

I’m not really one of those types of people that goes mad for shoes. I mean, yeah I wear shoes but I cannot understand those ladies (or men) that will spend 100’s of pounds on shoes or lust after certain designers. It’s just not my bag at all. At the end of the day they go on your feet which ultimately go on the floor and the floor is dirty and gross. Also the fact I find it so hard to find shoes I like and that are comfortable. I noticed today though, that the shoes I do have are pretty much ALL THE SAME. 

 I mean, why do I need 3 pairs of brogues which all look pretty much the same? I like my purple ones on the left a lot though. They were from a real shoe shop and cost a few pennies. They’re made properly though with screws in the sole so they don’t fall apart. I’ve had so many cheap brogues from primark that have literally fell to pieces. The two on the right are ones which have survived though. I like the tweedyness of the centre ones. I heart tweed.

 My most recent purchase is the yellow brogues. They have a small block heel so I’m hoping to wear them more in the day time. The centre ones, which appear to be the most dirty are Kurt Geiger ones, which are probably the most expensive item of clothing/footwear I actually own!! I certainly need to look after them more. The brogue boots are my current favourites but are wearing out so much lately. I need some replacement ones!
 The brogue obsession continues with some more heeled ones I got from new look, but then we progress onto loafers. I think I have a thing about granny shoes. I really like the style of them! The ones on the right I haven’t actually worn yet. They’re a bit too bulky but were £5 from a charity shop. They’re Clarks too so a bargain eh.
These two pairs are my all time favourite shoes ever. They’re from Clarks also, the brown pair were from a charity shop and once again cost £5. They were as good as new when I got them but now look at them! They were so good I bought another pair in black from eBay for £3. They’re now getting tatty too. But they’re just so darn comfy!
Are you the type of stick to one certain style or do you have a variety of shoes? I have a few pairs of trainers now as I’m hoping to dress a bit more casually nowadays, but it’s so hard to find things to go with them. Loafers and brogues go with EVERYTHING.
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Dragon Mommy

I love brogues but they just don't suit me. Everytime I've tried a pair on I've put them straight back. They look lovely on others but just don't seem to look right on me 🙁

Holli x

jimmi lou

You've got so many!

joanne from

Madame Squirrel

These are some damn pretty shoes/boots, I concur that brogues and loafers go with everything, except some brogues and loafers make my feet look massive but I'm sure that is my fault and not theirs. Where on earth are the yellow boots and the tan boots from in the second picture and why have I not seen them anywhere? (I'm sure there is no chance of me getting my hands on a pair but still…)


I love the brogue boots – so pretty! xx


i love the yellow ones, they're so in your face 🙂 i've never been a brogue or loafer kinda person…they remind me of library ladies and everyone i see wearing them seems so intelligent and clever and that isn't me at all 🙁 i gotta stick to my shitty shoe collection!


I have the New Look heeled brogues in black and they're my favourite shoes, but I can't wear them at the moment due to an ankle injury :/ x