Cherry Horlicks

I found this Limited Edition Cherry flavoured Horlicks in Home Bargains the other day, costing £1.97. Me being me, with a penchant for all things new, just had to purchase it. I honestly did not know what to expect, it’s been years since I’ve had regular Horlicks so a Cherry version of the malted bedtime drink seemed ‘cray cray’ (that’s the on trend term for crazy btw. I learnt it off Kanye West and Jay Z)
I noticed that it was the ‘light’ version of Horlicks, this immediately made my expectations lower of what the drink would be like. I really really do dislike ‘light’ versions of foods and drink. I would much rather compromise on flavours than calories and every time a company makes a light version of something I die a little inside. I’d rather have the real thing or non at all. Anyway, despite this I added the 5, yes, FIVE heaped teaspoons to my cup and added the water as instructed.
The first thing I noticed about this was the smell. It was definitely a cherry smell, but not the type of cherry I expected. It was very sweet, almost like cherry drops? The taste was pretty nice, not sickly like the smell might indicate it would be. Overall a really pleasant and different hot drink for the evening before you nod off. The criticism for me is the consistency, but that’s possibly because it is a ‘light’ version of the drink. It’s very watery despite the large amount of powder you have to add. I might make it half with warm milk next time to see if this makes it better/ I guess the watery-ness doesn’t really affect the taste too much and it’s more a psychological preference as it would feel more of a bed time drink if it were milkier. Does that make sense? Over it’s a 7/10, worth a try but could do with a little tweek in the form of a full fat version.