Collection 2000 Cream Puff

This little lip cream has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere for the past few months. After the initial ‘Pffft I don’t want that because everyone has it’ stage, I’ve decided to buy it. Collection 2000 cosmetics are just so affordable and despite their price in comparison to other brands, their quality of make up can be outstanding (see their Perfecting Minerals for proof of this! Equally some of their range can be a complete waste of money though). The ‘Cream Puff’ moisturising lip cream rolls in at £2.99. I have no idea why I am reluctant to spend such a small amount on something I am clearly going to use. I think it’s because apart from balms I rarely wear anything on my lips. They’re quite dry over all and a lot of lip products just dry them out completely. I’ve previously tried the Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream and it literally drained the moisture from my lips!
 I was drawn to this as it is moisturising as well as a matt finish. I dislike shiny lips and although I do own lip glosses I don’t really bother putting them on as they either wear off really quickly or are too goopy and sticky. I also like the font and clouds on the packaging, for some reason it reminds me of Super Mario World?
 I chose the pinkest shade which was ‘Cotton Candy’. I disliked the other shades I swatched as they didn’t show up very much and if I’m going to wear something like this I want it to at least be noticable.
 The formula itself is quite rich, very creamy and just what you’d expect it to be really. My main criticism is the smell. It’s too sickly sweet for my tastes. Like a faux toffee smell or something. I can understand why they have used the smell but I really wished they hadn’t! If you’ve smelt the ‘Look Beauty’ lipstick and gloss duo’s it’s a lot like that. 
Overall a nice product, especially for the price. But the smell is just too sweet. Bring out a fragrance free option and I’m in!