Camden is Great

Ok, this post has a lot more pictures in it than intended, so I’m going to do a little less talking. I’ve had an amazing weekend in London which included a trip to the first iFabbo UK Conference at a little place called Kettners in Soho, a write up about that is coming in the very near future! But for now get your eyes around the wonder that is Camden. I’m going to be honest, before I went I imagined it to be one massive version of Rowfers – full of goth shit. But apart from the bit that’s like a shanty town with stall after stall selling the same stuff, it’s AMAZING! I really loved it there! I saw so much stuff I wanted but unfortunately I don’t think a bunch of taxidermy animals would have gone down too well on the train home….. 

I got told off for taking some of the pictures so I hope you enjoy them! And if you go to London then make sure you go, I was never bothered about it before and my expectations were SO low, but now I think it’s my favourite place. I’m from Stoke, things like this excite me. I also got asked several times if people could take pictures of my hair. I really should of asked at the time what they wanted to do with the pictures but I was so surprised and shy I just mumbled ‘yeah’….

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