Camden is Great

Ok, this post has a lot more pictures in it than intended, so I’m going to do a little less talking. I’ve had an amazing weekend in London which included a trip to the first iFabbo UK Conference at a little place called Kettners in Soho, a write up about that is coming in the very near future! But for now get your eyes around the wonder that is Camden. I’m going to be honest, before I went I imagined it to be one massive version of Rowfers – full of goth shit. But apart from the bit that’s like a shanty town with stall after stall selling the same stuff, it’s AMAZING! I really loved it there! I saw so much stuff I wanted but unfortunately I don’t think a bunch of taxidermy animals would have gone down too well on the train home….. 

I got told off for taking some of the pictures so I hope you enjoy them! And if you go to London then make sure you go, I was never bothered about it before and my expectations were SO low, but now I think it’s my favourite place. I’m from Stoke, things like this excite me. I also got asked several times if people could take pictures of my hair. I really should of asked at the time what they wanted to do with the pictures but I was so surprised and shy I just mumbled ‘yeah’….

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Oh god, this post has actually made me nostalgic. I used to be there every weekend… I actually looked out to see if you'd caught some of my favourite stall owners in the photos, they know me and my friends by name by now xD (you hadn't, alas!)

Tattooed Tealady

I love Camden and my favourite bit is definitely the Stables Market xo


I LOVE the vintage suitcase place in Camden. This has reminded me how much I really want to go and pick up some for my new flat, lovely photos (: xx

Katie at

I can never resist going to cyberdog, i can't quite shake my cybergoth phase, complete with pink uv fluffy leg warmers!


Love Camden market its full of such random stuff 🙂


Camden was the most amazing place I visited in London. I'm totally visiting it again if I ever go back there. Your hair looks really beautiful, no surprise you got asked to take a picture of them. 🙂


Haha awesome stuffed animals! Haven't been to Camden in ages, must admit my expectations sound similar to yours, will have to set some time aside to have a good ole explore xxx


Ooooh, I love flee markets and that sort of shiz, take me next time!!!:) xx


I'm surprise I didn't notice before, but your hair looks really good in the sunshine! x

Kat Shenton

Being a goth I adore Camden. Plus I see you have a few shots of the amazing Cyber Dog store. Love it there! There is just one major issue with the place. That's the fact that its swarming with European tourists with no manners :). But you've made my mind up – the mothership has called. Know where I'm going next pay day lol


That stuffed meerkat(?) is amazing and terrible all at once! Have you seen the Facebook page Badly Stuffed Animals? I have a feeling you may enjoy it!


Beauty Balm

I love London, these pics are so cool x