Eggs Bene-Twist

I absolutely love love LOVE Egg’s Benedict. If I go out for breakfast anywhere, 9 out of 10 times it’s the food of choice. Frankie and Benny’s is a good one for a fiver, and I recently tried Café Rouge’s version, but my all time favourite one is from Valerie Patisserie in Chester. I can never be bothered to make it for myself though, even though I am the egg poaching champion (don’t ask me to fry an egg though, it never works!). Anyway, now I am embracing the packed lunch in my new job and looking for a new variety of sandwich to make myself (combined with a massive craving for eggs benedict) I thought I’d have a bash at making my own version as a lunch time snack.
 Instead of Ham I’ve chosen Pastrami, Pastrami is a lunch meat I always forget about, but you simply cannot beat it with a few gherkins! Yum yum. I picked up some Brioche Rolls from Aldi for the task in hand. They cost about £1 for ten. I’ve never really had brioche before this past week but Aldi do some absolutely amazing brioche varieties! Honestly. They can all get in my mouth. I like these rolls as even though they are sweet they do go with savoury fillings as well. I got my mum to boil me some eggs in her Tefal Egg and Toast machine. Mainly because I’m lazy. And the jar of Hollandaise, although not as good as fresh, is the perfect consistency for sandwiches.
 Now I’m just going to throw this out there; how hard are eggs to slice?!! I finally understand the necessity for those retro egg slicers everyone used to have in the kitchen cupboard when I was a kid! The hard yolk is a little bugger to keep in the white! Anyway once I jumped that HURDLE I made my roll. I never tend to put butter on sandwiches unless it’s a cheapo corned beef one. 
And voilá. Now you know what I’m having for my dinner tomorrow (obviously a fresh one, not one I took a bite of because I couldn’t wait till dinner time tomorrow to eat it). I guess with Marks and Spencer new Pork Pie Sandwich and Tesco’s Yorkshire Pudding Wrap now on the shelves my little sandwich isn’t that special. But I am certainly basking in it’s tasty glory!
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Sarah P

Delishhhh 🙂



YUM! that is pretty much the sum of my thoughts right now! x


You are one your own with this one, milk & egg allergy over here, are you trying to kill me 🙂 by the way, I liked the new header but I see you switched back

Melanie Jane

Yum! Personally, I'm a huge fan of eggs Royale (same thing but with smoked salmon). Mmm, cannot get enough, and Cafe Rouge does a lovely and MASSIVE one!
Like your idea of re-inventing this for lunchtime, wouldn't have thought of it!
Mel xx

Andrew Woodvine

I've never tried eggs benedict, but next time I see it on the menu, I will order it.


Looks delish doll. I was so so sad when Marks & Spencer's left Canada..Mmmm Bacon crisps:) xx


Retro egg slicer indeed… x