iFabbo UK Conference & Goody Bag

I’m going to start off by apologising that I did not obtain very many pictures from the actual iFabbo event I attended over the weekend! I am a bad bad blogger. My excuse is that as I went via Birmingham with the super amazing Tereza from Cityscape Bliss (Czech her out! Get it?!) I was already stumbling around London like a pack horse with my over filled ruck sack containing way too many spare clothes and make up, so had no room left for my real camera. I’ve pilfered an image or two from the iFabbo Facebook Page though so you don’t get too bored with ALL THE WRITING. 
The event was held in the gorgeous Kettners in Soho, it’s a super chic bar with an absolutely lovely interior. They set us up in rows so we could see the speakers at the front of the room. There were 4 panels at the conference all covered different elements of blogging and how to improve your bloggy self by working with PR’s and developing good content and relations, amongst other topics. I am not going to reveal every bit of advice they told us though, as the advice was precious and I’m not that much of a caring, sharing type! You just need to know that the next event they do, you’d better hustle your ass down there, events like this are worth attending as even though one can be pretty socially inept it is a great opportunity to throw yourself in at the deep end and mingle with some amazing people. You’re basically in a room with people who all have the same interest as you alongside industry experts that are there to help YOU and give you guidance and advice. It’s also great to put faces to names of the people you have been exchanging tweets with for such a long time!
Just like any event of this calibre there was the obligatory food and cocktails. The food, I didn’t sample that much of, but the cocktails, wow. Pink Grapefruit flavour beverages are my favourite, so I did help myself to about 4 of them bad boys. It was also SWELTERING hot in the venue, which was pretty much to be expected as the weather was just so gorgeous this weekend!
There was also some standard shots of ourselves in one of the massive mirrors at the venue, this image is courtesy of Tereza who seems to be hiding that wonderful face of hers. You can see a proper picture and info about the outfit I wore here.
And the mega treat of the day came when I won these Dior Sunglasses from Motilo. I really was not expecting to get a goody bag (due to a last minute ticket) never mind win these! I felt so lucky!! (especially when I googled the price!) So thank you iFabbo for organising the event and Motilo for choosing me as the winner, endlessly grateful would sum it up!

 So, as I mentioned, due to my last minute un-organisation I wasn’t even expecting to get a goody bag at the event. Luckily though they had one spare, the only thing missing was the fake tan which I could of desperately done with as I feel extra pasty when it’s sunny and everyone else has their tanned luscious legs out. Never the less. I still got an amazing little haul.

 The Miracle Skin Transformer Glow Enhancer is my all time favourite thing ever (from the bag, at the moment in time) I didn’t take any sun cream with me to London and clearly with my pastiness it is something I NEED. I used my initiative though and slathered myself in this. It’s SPF 20 and gave my skin such a lovely glowy/dewy finish! Amazing.

 One thing I probably wont use from the bag is these 3D nails. They’re not my taste at all. But I might do a sneaky little give away with them alongside some other stuff soon. They’re really Lolita style and I can imagine they will be loved very much if they find the right home.

 So keep your eyes peeled for a give away soon!

And finally, here are some people I met at iFabbo you should have a little looky at
Carrie from Not Just Skin Deep
Becca from BDP World
Mona from Chipped and Chapped
Daisy at Pretty Green Tea
and I mentioned Tereza right? Cityscape Bliss

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