I’ve been eyeing up Nanoblur for SO long, I don’t know why, I think it just appeals to me because it’s in a bright box and has been advertised as a miracle. Nanoblur claims to make you appear up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds. I know exactly what you’re thinking ”But, Hello Terri Lowe, you look about 16 anyway!”… Yes, yes I do. But my skin itself is awful. I have a big wrinkle on my head  from frowning and under my eyes are like a mini map due to 10 years of pulling about due to contact lenses. So, I didn’t want it to make ME look 10 years younger, because a 6 year old me would be a little freaky, but I did fancy my skin being a bit smoother.

Nanoblur doesn’t just claim to rectify the appearance of wrinkles but also enlarged pores, so needless to say I was very excited about trying it. It seemed like a little miracle in a tube. It doesn’t come cheap at a retail price of £19.99, but if it does everything it says on the pack it it surely worth every penny, no? Unfortunately you do have to purchase it to find out as there were no testers in Boots to try before you buy.

I did think I’d be able to use nanoblur as a bit of  primer, but alas you cannot. If you use liquid foundation it goes on afterwards and if you use powder it goes on before the powder. I could see the sense in that but did it work? NO. It did not. I applied it over my Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation and it turned into a cakey, horrible mess. It was unblendable, it was sticky, and I had to take it all off and start again. I tried again as a primer underneath the foundation and it created a similar result.
Nanoblur on it’s own is also what I would describe of a waste of time. I used my forehead wrinkle to gauge the results and even after 40 seconds… 40 minutes… 40 hours(ok I exaggerated a bit there)…. No difference. Some say you could use it instead of make up because it is so miraculous. I’d like to meet these people and ask them WTF they are on about. The only way I can see that this works is like a weaker/thinner version of a peel off face mask. It simply taughtens on the surface of your skin but it doesn’t ‘pull’ it tight enough to make any difference to mine what ever. I’ve gone back and tried nanablur several times now in several ways and to still no avail. My friend however who is a little older seems to see more results, whether or not they are psychological I don’t know. Or maybe older skin has more leeway to tighten up and reduce the imperfections. Nanoblur? More like NanoBLERGH. (see what I did there?)

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