Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

My friend kindly gave me this Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment to try the other day after my incessant whinging about my damaged hair saga. I have seen Ojon in quite a high end beauty shop in Cheshire Oaks before but never bothered to investigate them. Their packaging doesn’t stand out to me and I’ve never heard them mentioned by other people so were forgotten about pretty quickly. 
I do know they’re quite an expensive brand (well, for me expensive for a hair product is anything over £5, but I’m cheap like that) but it completely made me GASP, like literally!! I just this second googled it to see this product actually retails for £32.50!!! What the ****!!!! Feel a bit bad for having it donated to me now haha.
 Anyway, back to the actual product, just let me get over that WTF moment I just had…. It comes in a solid form. You scoop a bit out at a time and melt it in your hands until it becomes an oil. Then you distribute it through your hair until it’s all covered. It recommends that the product should be left on for 20 minutes or more, adding heat if your hair is particularly damaged. I left it on for about 3 hours because my hair is ‘uber’ damaged!
The thing I couldn’t get over was the smell. It was like old coffee. Not nice coffee, like when a really old man has been drinking coffee, then sweating coffee, or something. Do you get what I mean? It was a bit musty and a bit grim. I literally couldn’t wait to wash it out. But when I did the results were pretty good. NOT spectacular. But GOOD. My hair seems smoother. Not really less damaged but usually in the morning it kinks out at the bottom and looks weird but this morning it didn’t. I liked the result but for that price I can recreate the result with other products I already have, for a much cheaper price. I’ll use it until the pot runs out and write about it again if a miracle is created. My overall opinion? A mediocre product with a bad smell for a ridiculous price!
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Have seen a few reviews of Ojon products getting a bit of a slagging, they sound much too overpriced and not particularly worthwhile to me! x


Dragon Mommy

Haha, love the old man sweating coffee description!
£32 for a hair product is ridiculous!

Holli x


I keep reading all your post on hair care products, your hair must be similar to how mine use to be so dry, no shine and just dead looking? Honestly my hair was so bad it never grew becuase the ends just broke off and I refused to have it cut becuase I just wanted to grow it… The best thing I have ever done to my hair was cut it, I took off about an inch and half maybe more and I honestly didnt want to but I just wernt getting any where with it. My hair is so… Read more »


ah cheshire oaks, that place is like heaven to me! i'd heard a youtuber raving about the ojon hairspray and it's twenty-freaking-quid, WHAT?! i've heard people raving about the herbal essence masks, perhaps worth a look? x


Before I finally gave in and got my hair cut I found that the TRESemme Split Remedy Masque left my hair looking a lot healthier, I got it on offer for around £3. I dont even think I'd pay £32.50 for a hair cut tbh!


No wonder your friend gave it to you! xx


For the price I would expect dramatic results. Usually I am a believer that if if smells rancid then it must have some good in it, strange theory but I am a tad sceptical when it comes to highly perfumed restorative treatments as you can get sidelined by having gorgeous smelling hair with no effect on the condition. Thanks for the review as I was toying over this range but I think I will reserve my pennies for something that give dramatic results 🙂

Becky’s Makeup and Beauty


The price of this is outrageous and I thought I had expensive taste when it comes to haircare. Not sure if it's of interest but I spotted today Savonnerie London have an intensive conditioner, I loved their skinare, it's currently on special offer at LoveLula for £5.56