Strawberry Curlers

I noticed these on eBay a few months ago and thought they were cute, but didn’t bother with them, they were a snitch at £1.80. I wasn’t going to buy any though until the other week I noticed a Twitter account selling them for £12 a pack!! I thought right, if they can somehow justify that massive mark up there must be something amazing about them. So I took the plunge and splurged (£1.80) from a Chinese seller. They took around 3 weeks to come but I would much rather wait a while than be ripped off.

My first impression was if I had of paid £12 I would have been deeply disappointed. I did have some random woman who claimed not to be affiliated with the Strawberry Curls Twitter saying these were not the same as the ones they sold were recycled…. erm, I’ve had a look love, they’re identical. Even down to the account and website was using the same images as the eBay sellers were (and the fact she didn’t actually know which curlers I had bought anyway haha) Which sharply changed after I pointed that out to her. There was also no mention of recycling on the website either. Clearly a bit of bullshit. (she then continued to slag off ‘bloggers’ too and blocked me. Like I said, she claimed not to be connected to the actual company or twitter account selling them though, bad for their business in my opinion)

 I do love a good (or bad) chinese translation! It is a lot quicker to work out how to put them in yourself than it is to try and decipher this elaborate code. But cute nonetheless!

The curlers themselves are a lot softer than I expected. The thing that appealed to me was that they can be slept in rather comfortably. I haven’t tried sleeping in them yet but I imagine they can be with little hassle. They’re super squishy. The entire curler is made from the same squishy foam.

I used 11 out of the 12 and managed to cover my whole head. They’re a little tricky to get the hang of at first but you literally just roll your hair up in them then when you get to the top pull a little tighter and they stay in place. I was impressed with how well they held up for such a simply design.

 When I took them out I was left with some OK curls, I only left them in for around an hour after spraying with some Pantene Over Night spray. The curls were really tight at the bottom but gradually became more loose at the top. This wasn’t really the look I was after though, I looked like Stoke’s answer to Annie.

I brushed them through and created a bit of a frizzy mess. I didn’t put any more product in to create this killer look. Just in case you wanted to do it yourself 😉
I then could not resist doing my best lion impression. You know how it is. 
After a bit of serum though it turned out all right. They certainly were not the best curlers in the world but at the same time I do have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with actual curlers anyway. It annoys me how you can’t tell if they’ve worked out properly until the next day or after waiting for several hours! But they are a lot nicer for your hair than heated tools. I think they would work really well in long hair or are fun for kids. Oh, and if you’re reading this Strawberry Curls Twitter account don’t bother sending another minion to tweet rant to me, it’s slightly silly. Maybe make your prices slightly more realistic too, just saying like.

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Chloe Luckin

What's the name of the seller? 🙂

Chloe Luckin

Which seller did you use? 🙂

Floral Danielle

Ooh I just typed 'strawberry curlers' into google and you came up, even though I'm already following you 🙂
I just found some similar on eBay too and had added them to my most recent eBay finds post but was just about to show my boyfriend the Strawberry Curls, couldn't believe I'd found such a cheaper version!
I love buying things from China and Hong Kong, despite the 3 week wait, the prices are so worth it 🙂
They look so cute in, this has made me 100% want to order them now!

Chloe Likes To Talk

These do look like so much fun, and I'm glad the result has been reasonable, I imagine with a bit of experimentation as to products used and how many/few and how tight/loose you roll them, the result could be perfected to what you were hoping? I've just entered to win these, but loving the look of what you achieved with them.

Emily @ StyleNerd

Those are so cute! I bought some just plain yellow foam curlers like that a few years ago off of Ebay (from a Japanese seller), but I never got the hang of them. I ended up losing all of them around my bedroom and I still keep finding one or two every now and then.


Hahaha oh my days. What a weirdo! Cute but i'd be a frizzy mess with these! Love how you cut the crap and cut to the chase x

Jodie Santer

Now, I know I'd probably never use these and my hair hates being curled at the best of times, but these look adorable! Kinda agree with LooweezB, I'd be tempted to where them in my hair, maybe not out of the house though!


I saw them tweets. What a weirdo!
Rollers look good for the price. Might get my little niece them for birthday she has long straight hair bet she'd love them!


Hahaha oh my god this is just adorable! You're such a babe wearing them on your hair and the curls are not bad at all 🙂



Might not be the best curlers in the world but you do look cute in them 🙂

Kate Elizabeth

I'm so glad you did a review on these – I was waiting to see if they were any good! I'm tempted by the price that you got yours from – my hair's pretty long so it could work okay! 🙂

blue october

haaa 'apart from hairy root' !!


These are really cute – even look good when in lol!


They are adorable! I saw some bunny ones the other day too!


I love them!!! Why did you take them out?? xxx 😉


I seriously want these! I curl my hair every night. Did you sleep in them? Could imagine them not being that comfortable!? xx


I've seen these curles at cheap prices from Chinese shops, but 12 £ is a real steal!!!
Anyway, I wanted to buy them so much, they look so fun and comfortable 😀


I absolutely love these! I never use curlers but I'm so tempted to get them anyway…



I can't believe someone was selling these for £12! Good for you for calling them out on it though 🙂

Helen x


hahah that woman was funny 😛

They are so cute in your hair, you should just wear them like that 😉

I'm not good with curling things either but for the price you can't really complain!