Arnotts Shapes

Remember Burton’s Fish n’ Chip snack biscuits back in the day? Then remember when they bought out a Chicken n’ Chips variety? And then remember how they were really really tasty? THEN they discontinued them? It broke my tiny little heart into a thousand pieces. Ever since I have been searching for a suitable replacement to no avail… Until today…

 Thank you Asda, thank you so much for bringing these Arnott’s Baked Shapes into my LIFE. They came in so many different flavours, like BBQ, pizza and another chicken and herb one, but I had to have just the plain chicken. Just to see if they’d complete my life again.

I opened them about half and hour ago and haven’t put them down since. Inside the generously filled box we have some oval shaped savoury biscuits which are slightly larger than I expected them to be. They’re really crispy and have just the right amount of chicken flavour on. They’re incredible. On the box it claims that it’s ‘flavour you can see’ well, you can only see it for about 3 seconds before you wolf the whole box down. You can try these and the other flavours for £1.98 at your local store! Now all we need is a salt and vinegar flavour that resembles the class Fish n’ Chip snacks and my snack life will be fully complete. *drooooooooool*

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Zoe Lianne

Oh my god!! Terri you need to get yourself back down to Asda soon! They sell these new Jacobs Oddities which are similar to fish & chips! I went in searching for these the other day (because of your post) but couldn't find them, but found the odditites instead! they are delish!
I have blogged about them, and offcourse gave you a cheeky mention for reminding me how tatsy tose little fish and chip badboys were!

(I also hope you dont mind that I blogged about it !)

Heres the link if you are interested 🙂



I am gonna get me some of these bad boys tomorrow!


OMG these are from Australia and I lived off these crackers when I lived there. My Asda stopped selling them a while back wonder if they changed their minds? I love everything Arnotts ooh happy memories


OH MY GOD! I lived on Arnotts Shapes while I was backpacking in Australia (pizza is the best!). I had no idea you could get them here!!!


Damn not living near an ASDA. I NEEEEED these. Bad.