Today I bring you, not one, but TWO lip TREATS from Pixi. Well, not technically, but that’s what they’re called (kind of, add ‘rose’ in there and they’re Rose Lip Treats) and I’m writing about two of them (Jeeze enough comma’s in there or what?!) Anyhoo, I’ve been intrigued about this little brand called Pixi for a while now. A few comments here and there on Twitter/Blogs plus a cute brand name kinda does that. I’ve not seen them in anywhere like Boots or Superdrug BUT a few times I have spotted them in TK Maxx (if you haven’t guessed yet TK Maxx is my favourite shop, ever)

As usual, the first thing that caught my grubbling little eyes was the packaging and the fact they were a lip product. I am somewhat of a lip product junkie of late and my collection has grown around 200times larger since… the beginning of this blog post probably.
With then being in TK Maxx, I had very little choice in the pre-packed pair of colours. So the one I got was the little sachet containing ‘Lip Rose’ and ‘Lip Peach’. I must admit, I find it all slightly confused as they are both marketed at ‘Rose Lip Treat’ but one is actually called Lip Rose…. Is this just me? Do you get what I’m trying to say?!
Another thing I noticed was the little endorsement on the side of the box. They have the same quote saying it’s by the same person but look at the little profile shots! They is different women completely I tells thee! Maybe this is why they are in TK Maxx? But as you can see by the ‘Contains’ list it’s quite an impressive set of credentials this little Lip Treats have.
When I finally stopped admiring the packaging and cracked them open I was a little surprised if not disappointed, I was expecting a more vibrant pair of colours but alas they’re a kind of dingy, dim shade of rose and peach, in fact; they almost have a brown hue to them? Very strange but alas I tried them anyway. Now I must apologise for lack of swatches in this post (I knows how you guys love the swatches!) But I simply couldn’t get an image that did them justice. They’re such a nice little product and the colour on is a very natural tone with a sheer finish, that lasts for a good few hours. They’re subtle enough in colour to apply without a mirror and not look like a clown but still give a lovely luscious lips kind of effect. I’ve been using them every day as part of my morning make up routine and they’re very good as they’re not quite a balm, not quite a lip stick… Is this what those infamous lip butters are like then? 
I picked the pair up for £4 from my local TK Maxx… Making them £2 a throw, I’d say they were worth that amount of money and a few pennies more!
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  1. June 28, 2012 / 11:32 pm

    TK Maxx is incredible. They have so many Stila and Essie products in my local one at the moment.x

  2. June 29, 2012 / 1:19 pm

    Jealous of that price! Pixi's so expensive to buy in the US!

    • June 29, 2012 / 10:21 pm

      I've noticed! These were definitely a snip!

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