No Frills Face

It’s that time of year where everyone is going on and on about Festivals. I’m off to Leeds this year again and I’m currently in the midst of my ‘packing for the weekend’ procrastination, I forgot to schedule as many blog posts as I’d hoped I would, so excuse the little hiatus this weekend. I’m sorry! I thought it would be a good idea to try and write as I pack though and what better subject to go with than the make up…

I’m one of those girls that cannot even consider facing anyone sans make up. My skin is horrid and I look so weird with a bare face. I usually do go a bit OTT with my make up bag whenever I go somewhere, usually taking a spare of everything ‘just in case’ and needlessly including around 5 lip sticks. I’ve decided this year though, that my essential bag space is reserved for extra changes of clothes, as the weather is set to be terrible! I’ve narrowed it down to 7, yes 7 items.
I’ll apologise these photo’s are a little dull in colour, it’s currently 11pm on Wednesday night and I am set to leave by dinner tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this). I’ve tried my best in the low light at least haha. So, the base. I’m a full coverage gal, but I’m sure a lot of people could get away with this Witch BB cream on it’s own, the coverage is ample and I use the witch powder foundation to set it and maintain the coverage. I don’t like using a liquid base without a powder, but I think this is just my personal preference. I use the brush for the just the powder and not the BB cream. I’ve also included this Eyeko Fat Balm as it’s a great multi purpose product.

 For the eyes I’ve stuck to my 3 essential every day items. The black liquid eyeliner from 17 is amazing and lasts all day long without transferring or smudging anywhere apart from where you put it! It dries super quickly too. I really like the Look Beauty Stretch Factor mascara, it’s actually taken over from my Benefit They’re Real and I much prefer the results of this, and the price! I think I paid £4 and it’s amazing. I do have the waterproof version too but I can’t wear it as with my contact lenses it’s a recipe for extremely dry and red eyes. But even in the rain the non waterproof one doesn’t appear to be effected too much.

My new favourite buy is this ‘Body Collection Eyebrow Pencil’ complete with a ‘spoolie’ at the other end (I’m still lol-ing to myself at the word spoolie) I bought it from Bodycare for £1 and it came with a pencil sharpener in the pack. It’s ideal for a festival as opposed to a brow kit as they can take up precious room whereas this takes up non at all.
I’ve got three colours of this Eyeko Fat Balm but chose to take Strawberry as it’s the most versatile. It’s a lovely colour for both cheeks and lips so saves me taking a separate blusher. It smells of strawberries too which is lovely. It moisturises my lips and blends easily into my cheeky cheeks. I’ve had it a few years but it’s one of those lovely products I always forget about. What are your make up essentials? Would you take these bare essentials, or would you just have to take more? (or even less!)

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