The Witching Hour

Another week, another amazing miracle BB Cream on the market. This one is a little different though as it comes from those blemish fighting warriors at Witch. Witch Sticks have always been my old favourite when it comes to tackling spots, it’s the product I always forget about but when I use it again it’s a little bit of a miracle. It clears them up and reduces them in size a lot better than most of the more expensive products out there. So when I spotted their new range of make up products on the shelf, for half price, I thought I’d be a damn fool not to try.

I had seen everyone was going a bit mad for the BB cream on the blogosphere, and I guess at a price of £3.49 reduced from the RRP of £6.99 in my local Superdrug, it was a sure fire bargain. It only came in one shade which was a little bit odd but I was relieved to see it was a very light shade, in fact I was completely impressed as usually BB creams are way too dark. The BB cream when first applied can seem a little too light but when it is blended in and left for a few seconds it soon matched my complexion, what a winner. The consistency is really creamy and just right, it’s definitely one of the better BB creams I have used, and unlike a lot of them is an actual ‘Blemish Balm’ not ‘Beauty Balm’! The primer is so-so. It smooths on the skin fine and does help in the application of the BB cream and foundations, it also does actually make my foundation last longer, which I found never really happens with primers despite claims. It doesn’t give you that silky feeling most primers do but it is effortlessly applied and smooths over a few sins. I figure it’s better to use this primer than no primer at all due to the spot fighting goodness its contains within!

After using both the BB cream and the Primer for over a week now on a daily basis, I must admit I haven’t seen any particular improvement in skin texture, condition or seen a dramatic improvement in the appearance of spots. Although the spots are probably clearing up a tiny bit quicker, I think I expected a little bit more from such a product. Perhaps adding a little more witch hazel to the primer would do the trick? I don’t know.  It holds well throughout the day with little need to touch up until much later on in the afternoon, so coverage and wearability really is good for a BB cream. I will use them until they run out and review again then, as a week sometimes just isn’t long enough to fathom a product out! The coverage is still one of the best I have seen from a BB cream and the colour is spot on. (get it? Spot… spot on?) Whilst they’re on offer they’re definitely worth a try but I’m undecided as of yet if I would pay the full retail price.

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I've always be tempted by their primer!

please check out my blog I have a giveaway coming up this saturday! xx


Ooo I would love to try these. I love Witch products, so great for the skin, so its a great idea to have a skin treatment and makeup rolled into one.


Ire Fdez

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I picked this up when it was half price along with the primer — too good a deal to walk away from. Its still in my to test box. But after your review Im going to dig it out & start using it. I am a fan of BB creams & their lighter coverage and so Im excited to text this & if it helps clear up spots a little quicker – im in.


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Chloe Witty

i'm tempted to pick up the primer as i'm in need of a new one!

chlo @chlowitty blogs


It's a shame it doesn't help spots out a bit more like you've said, but from your swatches these products look pretty good for their buck! Where are they on offer? Xo

Anna Ho

oooh the before and after is so convincing! 🙂 I have never heard of this brand before D;


This looks quite good, I'm rather keen to give it a whirl! May I ask where you have seen them on offer?

(You may have said but I'm so tired I may have missed it)

Amy xx


I quite like these witch products – I find they are non irritating for me! They do a lovely little blemish stick too that clears up blemishes without drying the skin like spot creams! I reviewed it on my blog this week too. X

Louise Palser

I know right …Get me.lols xxx


I've been looking for a good BB Cream, so I might have to pick this up (am what's classed as 'milk bottle white', so the fact that it's light will be a plus!) I also use MUA's powder and think it's *brilliant*. Did you pick this up in Superdrug?

Louise Palser

Looks like it worked a treat Terri. You just can't beat a good bargain ….especially when it actually works x

Charlotte Bradley

Primer looks good but the BB cream looks a little patchy


I swear by the primer and I love the BB cream but I love everything Witch come out with! x


I use this primer and I really like it. Their tinted moisturiser dries my skin out, which is a shame as it's a good product