It’s not a great secret that a lot  of people in Stoke on Trent don’t actually have passports! It’s really weird, when I went to uni all the Stokies in my class apart from one were strangers to travelling abroad. I am part of this very odd group; only travelling to France once on a school trip! Now I’ve grown up though, I kind of really want to go and see the world! But saying that, the thought of going on a plane sickens me and the price of the passport itself is equally as vomit inducing! I would really dislike to go on holiday and spend all my time lounging around on a beach in the sun all day, doing pretty much nothing. If I wanted to be exposed to UV rays and get a bit sweaty, I’d just go on a sunbed and maybe take a bucket of sand to complete the beach experience. I would however, love to experience cultures of different countries and do things that are different. A major element of my wanderlust is FOOD. But I really cannot justify the expense of travelling to another country just to have a few nice and exotic lunches! Although I imagine I would get just as excited about fondue in a Ski Chalet as this guy has:

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Which brings me on to the second thing I would love to do if I travelled. Go skiing! Well, snowboarding preferably. I always love to wrap up warm when it’s cold outside and snowboarding looks like the most fun you could have in the snow without Tony Hawk being around. Staying in a wood chalet on a snow covered mountain also sounds so lovely doesn’t it. Warming up by the log fire with a nice hot chocolate, oooh it’d be like some kind of 80’s film, especially when a bad guy swoops in and a massive shoot ’em up happens (although that isn’t very likely nowadays is it? Oh, the 80’s)…. Other than that Thailand is on the list, as is Japan, Germany and perhaps France! I know this is a stupid question, but have you ever been abroad? If not, why and if so, where was your favourite place to go?!

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Lapland is the best place EVER for snow holidays, in particular for beginners. I learnt to ski there as a child and the magic of getting to visit Santa, go on reindeer and husky sledge rides, go on skidoo rides and of course see the Northern Lights is incredible!

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I've been to Canada and America a good few times, Spain a lot, France, Belgium and Turkey. I don't know if I could recommend just one place to go I love Spain and everything about it so would definitely recommend going there. Vancouver, LA and Las Vegas are amazing too x


I've been on several holidays to Spain and Portugal, and also to Amsterdam twice. I haven't left this country for a couple of years though and I really feel a trip coming on!


I spent 6 months in Australia fruit picking and it was such an amazing experience, I met so many amazing people from all over (and now I have friends who I could crash with scattered all over the world if I ever decide to visit). The experiences you will have are so worth it!


I've always had a passport I break out in a sweat at the thought of not having one. I can go anywhere at a moments notice. I lived and worked in Australia for a year, and have also visited New Zealand, USA and various destinations across Europe on weekends away or beach holidays. I wish I had more time to travel, I'm off to Rome in October it's a bucket list destination for me so can't wait 🙂 Skiing doesn't take my fancy I hate cold weather (in fairness it does effect my eczema badly) plus I would probably break… Read more »


Wow, I can't imagine not travelling abroad! I've mainly travelled to Asian countries, and regularly travel to Hong Kong and China and I absolutely love it! In fact I just got back from there a few weeks ago, and wish I could go back again. I have a lot to blog about it – when I can get some free time! And, when possible I definitely intend to travel to a lot more countries! I hope you that do travel at some point. Like what you've said I find the best parts are submerging yourself in a different culture, of… Read more »


Travelling is one of my favourite things, I've always wanted to get away to new places, just wish it wasn't so expensive!
I went to France and Italy when I was younger, and managed to go to Spain and Germany this year (now officially broke!). Berlin was amazing, I definitely want to see more of Germany and Europe in general xx


I've been abroad twice and both times it was to America, I really would love to travel to Italy, Croatia and Australia though! xx