Why Did The Fish Blush?

BECAUSE THE SEA WEED! Hahahahaa. Yeah. I couldn’t write a post about a Japanese Crispy Seaweed snack without cracking the best joke ever, could I? I picked this packet Tao Kae Noi Spicy Smoked Chicken Flavour Seaweed along with the Mochi Cakes from Miso the other night. I only got them because they were one of the cheapest products on the shelf and I had no idea what to expect! 

When I opened the packet I was surprised to find it was packed full of these long seaweed strips. I don’t really know what I expected actually, but it wasn’t this. They’re quite thick and not dissimilar in texture to the crispy seaweed you have at takeaways. Obviously they’re not hot and come in a much larger preparation! Unlike takeaway crispy seaweed (which is quite often just shredded cabbage) there isn’t a sprinkling of sugar taking the edge off the salty flavour. They’re not very pleasant at first and taste very odd, but after 2 strips you become a little bit addicted to the flavour. They’re not spicy at first either but the more you eat the more the spicy seasoning gets in the back of your throat, in a good way! I can’t taste very much chicken, but that’s OK.

There’s 40g in the pack but it seems like a lot more. Calorie wise they’re quite forgiving as the whole pack would only set you back around 150calories! And there’s no way you can eat more than 4 strips in one sitting. I added them to some of that rancid microwave rice and it was really good. The heat of the rice softened the seaweed and it became a bit more like sushi nori in texture and taste. I think I’ll buy them again as they’re kind of healthy and are good for snacking instead of a bag of crisps. These cost £1.50 for a 40g bag.

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Really? Can't eat more than 4 pieces in one sitting? I can down like 2 whole bags in one sitting, lol. But I wouldn't recommend doing it on a regular basis due to the risk of iodine toxicity.


I love this stuff! its awesome!



I love seaweed Itsu have something very similar 🙂


these are right up my street!


They look absolutely minging, but I'm pretty sure I'll be a fan as I bloody love crispy seaweed. Ideal Chinese dinner as far as I'm concerned is an enormous bowl of seaweed, some belly pork and all the soy sauce *licks lips at the thought*. I didn't realise it was part of Japanese cuisine too! Where is this Miso of which you speak? xxx

Louise Palser

Terri, They look fecking gross. Slightly similar in shape and texture to what Scooby has for snacks but even he says he wouldn't touch them with a barge pole (if he could lift one …that is :/ ) much love xxx


They look fucking weird hahah hmm, interesting! xx


mmm I love crispy seaweed!