Beautiful Bomb Cosmetics

I’ve written about Bomb Cosmetics before, in fact, I liked Bomb Cosmetics so much I even did a give away to give you guys the chance to win some. I was pretty gutted I wasn’t keeping the loveliness for myself, but I just had to share the joy, everything I’ve tried has been amazing! I love their quirky bath blasters and creamer designs and every time I find an outlet selling Bomb Cosmetics products I tend to stock up (if you’re in Stoke on Trent you will find them being stocked in Trentham Gardens and Freeport now by the way!) I was sent these products the other day from Yasmin at Bomb HQ and I was extra excited, they were all products I hadn’t yet tried so immediately got a’ sniffing. If you’ve not heard of or tried Bomb products before then rest assured they’re all handmade and natural and use the finest essential oils and goodness to make them all lovely and such!

Everything smells so good! I literally didn’t know where to start! I’ve not tried any of these cute little  bath mallows before so didn’t know what to expect. I know the way the bath blasters and creamers work is very different. The creamers make your bath like ‘yacks milk’ (according to my friend) making for a really luxurious soak, whereas the blaster make the bath more fragranced and the water overall feel really silky. 
The first thing I cracked out of the parcel was Lemon Express Bath Mallow. I always feel like it’s such a shame to put such pretty looking products in the bath, they’re too precious! But alas I did. This one is such a refreshing fragrance of lemon, lime and apples! It’s perfect for a day off when you have time to relax in a morning bath before you face the weekend 😉 it has tiny little gold stars on the top which I thought would get everywhere, but they didn’t. They just make the bath look all sparkly and pretty. 
The Incense and Sensibility Bath Blaster is a more woody fragrance, with a nice patchouli scent. I never realised how much I liked patchouli until recent years and it was always once of those smells I dismissed as being for granny’s but it’s definitely not (well, I don’t think so any more anyway haha) The blaster soon fizzles into your bath and makes the water feel almost soft?! It’s very nice. Very nice indeed.
And finally for the bath products; the Raspberry Riptide Bath Mallow. This was probably my favourite one out of the trio. Once again containing my fave patchouli, but also with some ylang ylang thrown in for extra sniffy measure. This made my skin so soft! It was like adding a really nice bath oil to the water but it made it all creamy and nice too. My skin felt soft for around 3 days afterwards (despite showering inbetween, honest). It was like I’d used a really good moisturiser. 
As I mentioned, I’ve had a few showers in between the bathing too and what better to keep the Bomb Cosmetics loveliness going than this amazing Super Juice Shower Gel. The scent of this reminds me of the Satsuma Shower Gel from the body shop (which I’m sure used to be called something when I was little!) but this one is much fresher, with a hint of grapefruit in it. 
I absolutely love the subtle watermelon and cucumber fragrance of the Dirty Angels Face Wash. It’s perfect for my skin and so far hasn’t dried it out at all or broken out my spots. It makes my face feel really refreshed when I used it. The only downside is trying to scoop some out when your hands/face are wet and ready to be dirty angel-ed up! A different bottle and this would be perfect!
And my new handbag addition comes in the form of the Lipology Chocolate Orange Lip Balm. You’ll be pleased to know that this is one of those rare lip balms that isn’t just fancy vaseline! Hurrah! I get so annoyed when I find a lovely smelling lip balm with is just repackaged petroleum jelly! Blergh. But this one is packed full of amazing products like Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond and Olive. It instantly soothes my chapped lips (which have become really dry during this horrid weather) and smells good enough to eat! Like really authentic Chocolate Orange. Lovely. 
Overall, like every time I get my mucky paws on to anything from Bomb, I am so impressed with all of the products. I’m pleased to have finally branched out from just the bath stuff too! Prices can vary and the bath blasters and creamers will set you back around £2-£3 each (with some offers on in different outlets) and the shower gels, faces washes and moisturisers all come in at under £10 each. I’m just browsing the website now dying to go to Freeport to sniff some other things out, like these AMAZING looking Shower Butters!