Comfy and Cosy

Ah, it’s been a while since I have graced your eyes with an outfit post hasn’t it? I do apologise, I’ve been a busy little bee packing up my life and moving house! I have made sure that I’ve got at least a little space to take better pictures of my glorious self in though, so you can peek into my wardrobe on a slightly more (ir)regular basis.

I chose this lovely thick and comfy cardigan from Oasap with my credits as I already have a VERY similar style one with skulls on it, so I knew it would be a good choice! I thought this fairisle design one would be better for those days where I don’t wanna feel too much like a greebo though. It’s just the same as the one I already own but ever so slightly more light weight. (yes I’ve used the same image twice here, I have the space to take outfit pictures but apparently not the time, yet!)

It has an incredible fleecy lining which is so cosy and warm! I am literally going to live in this for the foreseeable future now the chilly weather is setting in. It came in four colours, and I kind of wish I’d chosen the black one now, but I’m still happy with this one! Which one would you have chosen? The dress I’m wearing underneath I bought from Primark about a year ago, all my clothes are still packed away awaiting me to sort them out and rediscover them again! I just noticed too that this cardigan is on sale for £24.96 which is less than what I paid for my original one from one of those non branded shops, I’m a tight wod but I’d say that was worth the investment, you’ll seriously never have it off!

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Sara T

This looks so comfy!


This coats looks very warms, i decide to buy one from oasap too. thanks for your photos
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Susannah Perez

I haven't heard the term greebo since I was about 15 – thank you for reinstating this word in my vocabulary! Also, lush cardi!

Susannah x

Jodie Santer

This looks so cosy! Been looking for a cardigan like this for ages but nothing I see in the shops is quite right, maybe a visit to oasap is in order x


This looks so comfy, definitely to hunt around for a similar one 🙂 x


I would have chosen the same colour as you!


Is it wrong I think it's kind of cool greebo is slang outside of Reading? I've never heard it anywhere else!

I love your cardy! Knitwear is my absolute favourite thing, yay Autumn/Winter


I love stuff like this, infact I bought a grey long cardy like this except without the pattern only yesterday from Primark.

They have some really good winter stuff in at the moment.

It looks really cosy 🙂

Amy xx