Hyper Stretch, Eternal Gloss

I’m slowly but surely working through my lovely little haul that Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame sent to me recently. I started off with what I thought was my favourite product from the batch, the eyebrow kit, the other day. Alas, I think my mind has swayed and the amazing Oriflame Eternal Gloss has taken it’s place closely followed by Oriflame’s HyperStretch Mascara.

 I’ll start off with Oriflame’s Eternal Gloss in Divine Berry. I’m not usually a massive fan of lip gloss as I find them too sticky or gooey with a not very long lasting colour result. This one however, has changed the whole lip gloss game for me. It applies smoothly without a hint of stickyness in sight. It’s got the most fruity and fresh smell without being sickly and the colour is incredibly wearable both day and night. It reminds me a lot of  Clarins Gloss Prodige lip gloss which I received in a French Jolie Box a few months ago, in fact the resemblance is so close I wouldn’t even know which was which if I were blindfolded! Even down to the scent. The main difference however, is that this weighs in at £6.95 and the Clarins one is a whopping £15.50, more than double the price. The colour lasts several hours and doesn’t transfer too much when eating or drinking.
 The Oriflame HyperStretch mascara also impresses for such a reasonable price,  costing £5.95 at the moment. It’s not the kind of mascara I would usually go for and I can’t think of any that I own that have a wand like this one, with the bristle spaced quite far apart. It does feel like you’re transferring a lot of product to your lashes but the result is surprisingly not as clumpy as you would imagine. You can’t do the little wiggle thing you tend to do when applying this mascara  but you kind of don’t need to as it does a very good job of separating lashes itself.
Overall a great success! I really love both of these products and would definitely purchase them again! I have some more reviews of Oriflame skincare coming up too so if you’re intrigued by the brand then definitely keep a look out!