Korre Blimey

Korres are one of those brands that have been on my radar for a while. Their no frills yet contemporary and kind of chic packaging design always has an incredible appeal when I see it around. It seems like they’re almost medicinal products in the way they are branded but also boarder on a classic apothecary style. This just indicates to me they meansss business! It’s definitely a unique style that is a refreshing change from the standard fluffy sparkly girly packaging out there. The Korres Wild Rose 24 House Moisturising & Brightening Cream and the Wild Rose Lip Butter are a welcome addition to my life, thanks to http://www.beautyboutique.ie/… AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY….

I’ll start with the Wild Rose 24 House Moisturising & Brightening Cream, you may recognise the name from a beauty box a few months ago (for the life of me I can’t think which one) I remember being so disappointed when the little tube ran out! It’s the most lovely delicate botanical rose scent. It’s a creamy and rich moisturiser which also has SPF6 which is quite low but 6 is better than 0! The one I got was for normal to dry skin but it also comes in a variation for oily and combination faces. I love how the box is straight to the point with a ‘yes/no’ list of facts. It’s amazing how many things a moisturiser could potentially contain that wouldn’t even cross my mind., but it’s good to see some of those familiar nasties aren’t included in the moisturiser. It also has an expiry date, which for me is handy as I tend to hoard products for years!
 I do find that this is best for me to use just as a night cream as when I’ve used it in the morning as well it tends to sit a touch too heavy under make up, but when used at night it leaves me with a wonderfully bright feeling complexion in the morning. I  really like the heavy glass pot that the moisturiser comes in, it makes me feel like I’m really treating my skin when I crack it open! I find I only need a small amount too to reap the benefits.
I think the Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter is my new favourite lip product, in the world, ever. A bold statement I know, but it’s just soooo good. Not only does it once again, come in the amazingly simple yet attractive packaging but it also ticks so many boxes for me as a lip product. It give endless moisture and instantly smooths my lips, it provides a touch of colour which lasts for a few hours and it’s the most wonderful consistency I’m finding myself rubbing my lips together constantly to feel the silky softness!
I think the only thing I would say about the lip butter is that I wasn’t expecting it to be the formula it is! I imagined a creamy soft product but instead it’s almost like a gel. It’s not a bad thing though as it stops me from applying too much and therefore will last me FOREVER! I find it’s perfect for daily use too as the colour isn’t too overpowering or strong but still prevents the dreaded ‘foundation lip’ effect when your make up is freshly applied.
You can purchase Korres products from a few places including the aforementioned http://www.beautyboutique.ie where if you buy the moisturiser you also receive the lip butter completely free!    They also offer worldwide shopping for the low price of 5.95euros (for my international readers!)