Pores For Thought

Since returning from Leeds Festival, it seems my poor pores have suffered quite considerably. I never imagined that 5 days living in a field would be good for my skin, but ever since I got back I can actually see my blocked pores. They have a very prominent greyish colour in them which I can’t seem to shift (yum, eh!). The main area I have noticed them, where I haven’t noticed them before, is on my chin. Usually my chin is relatively clear with the odd hormonal spot developing from time to time. But the texture right now is like a very unappealing strawberry! I’ve tried a few things so far from Benefit’s b.right facial polish to my recently purchased Amie scrub, all to no avail. Someone recommended the Soap and Glory Fab Pore face mask to me the other day on Twitter so I thought I would give it a whirl. Soap and Glory skin care is currently on buy one get one half price in Boots, so now is as good a time as any to make the ‘investment’!

I will begin with the product I paid full price for; the Soap and Glory ‘Fab Pore’ Intensive Action Pore Refining Facial Peel (say that after a few gins!) which retails for £8. I think the fact it said ‘facial peel’ was slightly off putting, I’m not really a fan of the ‘American Psycho’ peeling face masks. But alas, this isn’t a peeling face mask. It’s a creamy in consistency, wash off face mask. I guess the Facial Peel refers to peeling your skin somehow, which makes me think it’s a fairly potent formula, but once again, it surprised me by being very light in consistency alongside a really fresh and fruity fragrance. Reading the ingredients of The Fab Pore, I was a little bit dismayed to see that it contains a mushroom extract… mushers are the food of the devil I tell you! But if it’s going to tighten my pores then fair enough, I will smear their fungusy goodness onto my face (the things we do for vanity!).
 The mask itself contains these little green beads that you rub around your chops until they dissolve. It doesn’t take much effort and only a small amount is needed to cover your entire face. Obviously I concentrated on the chin, nose and inner cheeks as they seem to be my problem area’s… in fact, some may say they’re POREful (sorry, awful pun, but it made me laugh, quite considerably) I left The Fab Pore on for 15 minutes, expecting a really dramatic result considering all the things the box claimed. Alas I do not really feel that is succeeded in doing anything for my pores. It definitely softened my skin and there’s no doubt that a face mask in the bath is one of the most pamperlicious things to do ever, but as far as the initial problem of blocked/enlarged pores is concerned, I am sad to say there’s no obvious improvement. I’ve tried the mask using a few methods so far, from washing it straight off to using a facial brush to buff it away. Neither made a difference to the result. 
The second product I chose, which ultimately I paid half price for was the Soap and Glory, Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk. Which once again boasts to help shrink and clear pores. For an RRP of £7 I wouldn’t say it was a cheap face wash or a price I would usually pay for such a product, but after being really impressed by the Soap and Glory Soap n’ Clarity face wash I’ve used up since receiving it at Christmas (which I highly recommend for blemish prone skin!), I had high hopes for this one. The first thing that struck me about Peaches and Clean was the smell, it’s a pretty strong chemical kind of odour, not the wonderfully fruity fragrance that Soap and Glory is renowned for. It does have a slight hint of fruit in there but not an overly pleasant smell overall. I’m not much of a cleanser fan to start with if I’m completely honest as the creamy non foaming thing isn’t my bag. I like when a facial wash foams so I know it’s working! Once again, like The Fab Pore, it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and supple but still, the blocked pores remain.
So, am I happy with these choices from Soap and Glory? Well, yes and no. Whilst both products are fairly nice, but they are nothing more and nothing less than that. Just nice. I am disappointed that they haven’t resolved the pore issues like they claim they would, but I am equally as pleased with the moisturising skillz of the pair, and the fact they have done so without breaking me out in spots. I probably wouldn’t purchase either again unless they were on a spectacular offer, but nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess! I do still really like the Soap and Glory branding and a majority of products I have tried before and would buy from the range again, but just not these. Do you have any recommendations to unclog my pores? If so please let me know!!

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All Things Pretty

I swear by the blue Montagne Jeunesse mask I think its called anti stress 3 for £2 in Home Bargains I have huge pores like manholes! After I used this they were barely visible, I now use the same one every week I'd definitely recommend it and if it doesn't work for you (though I'm sure it will) what have you lost £2! Xx


Try Netrogena 2in1 wash and mask. Its cheap at £2 – £3.50. I use it on my face as a mask and it leaves it very clean and not the little bit dirty so maybe they will help your poor pores :).


I bought Peaches and Clean last week with my boots points, and I have to say so far it's made me break out quite a bit. I'm hoping that this is just because my skin isn't used to using it and it'll magically start being a miracle cure in the next few days. Lucky I didn't use actual money to buy it though because so far it's the first Soap and Glory product I've been left a bit deflated by 🙁 x


Love Soap & Glory stuff. It's so lush and affordable! 🙂


Ahh this is so disappointing, I have huge pores on my cheek and I am desperate to find a product that will help them 🙁

Tattooed Tealady

I hate how my skin feels after a festival! I've tried both of these products and found for me, they really didn't do much! xo


I love The Fab Pore for how soft and lovely it makes my skin, but I agree it doesn't actually do what it says on the tin! I'm less impressed with S&G these days – I feel like their prices have taken a massive hike up and the quality is just…average, and people are paying for the brand! x


The Fab Pore didn't work for me at all, although their Soap and Clarity face wash and Clear Here moisture gel are fabulous. Maybe a Montagne Jeunesse mask might work on your poor pores (lol) x


Keep using the fab pore 2-3 times a week. It's been great for me. Not instant results an has taken time but so so worth it! Bon voyage old strawberry nose!


I used to really love S&G, but the more brands I try, the more I feel like it's just packaging! Foundation is pretty good though! Bxox