So Fresh and So Clean

So, the house moving is going very slowly this week. I think I’m really struggling to get myself into gear as I know there isn’t really a time limit on me having to vacate my current abode! I’m nearly done though, I’d imagine 2 more trips (there’s been about 7 so far) and I’ll have completed the task. We have the internet coming tomorrow so hopefully there won’t be too much of a lull with keeping you readers happy with my awesome blog posts either! I honestly didn’t realise how much stuff I owned. And when it’s all done and sorted I can finally get a good nights sleep! Anyway, if you saw my last post about Living Room Lusts then the wish listing is continuing. This time with the bedroom.

1 Charleston Five Drawer Chest £299

2 Paris Bed Frame £599

3 Signature Mirror £179

4 Charleston Double Wardrobe £349

I always like bedrooms to be white and simple. Although I never actually achieve that look. My new bedroom has some utterly hideous black floral wallpaper up I can’t wait to decorate over! I really like wooden furniture in bedrooms too. It just makes it seem so much more homely and cosey. Although these items are a little pricey, I think well made bedroom furniture is always worth paying that little bit more for. The amount of wardrobes and drawers I’ve had from Ikea which have broken within a month is ridiculous so I’ve probably already spent this amount on those things anyway! I would love to incorporate some duck egg blue as I think it’s such a lovely crisp colour without being overpowering. 

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LOVE the butterflies in the background, creative!

All Things Pretty

My bedroom is completely white except for headboard and soft furnishings and carpet is more beige well it was now I have pink walls and carpet 🙁 my toddler decided to paint the room with my Girl About Town lippy and a CK one in a similar shade! X

Jayne Becca

I really love white furniture in the bedroom as well. I love my white bed, drawers & bedside cabinets — just makes everything so fresh! x