Time For Tea My Dear

I’m pretty sure that it’s a mandatory requirement that to be a blogger you have to like tea. I’m not a massive tea fan I’ll admit, but the occasional cup does make me feel all warm on the inside now and again in replacement of my beloved coffee. I have quite the collection of fruit tea bags which I always buy thinking the flavours are going to be amazingly awesome, but they turn out to lack quite often. During my regular food shop the other day I had my usual browse of the drinks to brew section and came across some new tea’s from the Tesco Finest range – Vanilla Chai and Chocolate Tea…. Yes, CHOCOLATE tea… ?!

I do understand that the concept of having chocolate tea probably derives from a mocha. But I doubted that a chocolate flavoured tea would be as nice, regardless of it being Tesco’s Finest. The ingredients are simply Black Tea and Cocoa. I’m going to admit, I’m pretty ignorant to what tea bags usually contain, but I thought cocoa would just kind of seep through the mesh? I dunno. 
I’ve tried Chai tea before and really do like it (apart from Costa’s new Chai tea, it’s a bit too ‘Christmas’ flavoured for my liking, read Christmas as cinnamon) I’ve just finished a box of the Tea Pigs Chai Tea, which despite containing lot’s of lovely herbs and spices, took an age to brew to gain any flavour from it. I was going to buy the Tesco Finest Chai tea but then spotted the Vanilla variant so thought I’d live on the edge with that instead.
I popped two bags into each brew, my cup is on the rather large size. Despite this high dilution though, the flavour was very strong so I’ve been using just one bag since! I always usually add two, especially if it’s a fruit tea as the flavours are so subtle. But these ones are quite a concentration of flavours which is always a bonus.
You can have these tea’s with or without milk. I like to add milk though as I’m a bit of a wimp. The Vanilla Chai is really really nice. The flavours are like a normal Chai tea but slightly sweeter and in this version you can definitely taste the ginger a little bit more than usual, I will definitely be buying another box of these when they’re gone. The chocolate tea wasn’t so much of a taste sensation. It’s kind of like a really sickly strong flavour. It’s got a very strange after taste and doesn’t sit well in my stomach. I’ve given it to a few people just to see if they noticed it wasn’t normal tea, and they did, and they didn’t seem to be very big fans.
You can pick these up for around £1.20 a box at your local Tesco. I think the chocolate tea, despite being the most unusual in the range is one that you wouldn’t be missing anything by not trying it. I will be sticking to my mocha’s I’m afraid. But Vanilla Chai – oooh get in my belly and hug me from the inside on these cold autumn nights, you little hotty you.

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The chocolate tea doesn't sit right with me either daisychain – I often have a chocci biscuit with my tea and it's perfection but I just don't feel the chocolate tea quite works. I do like the Chai every now and then.


Wow these both sound amazing. Vanilla chai is my favorite!

<3 Melissa


Oooh the Vanilla Chai sounds lovely xx


Chocolate doesn't sit right with me but I am hunting down the vanilla chai asap!


That Vanilla Chai sounds lovely! xoxoxo

A Girl I Know

Vanilla Chai!? I am definitely going to be trying some of that!! Think I'll be steering clear of the chocolate tea. Completely with you on the fruit tea. Far too fragant for my liking. Smells like air freshner. They're just wrong!!! P.S Are these photos taken at your new place?? 🙂


I've had chocolate tea before… but it wasn't just black tea with cocoa in it.
It was chocolate puerh tea, which I still haven't quite made my mind up whether I like it or not.

I recently tried coconut tea (basically black tea and coconut), which doesn't seem to taste of anything – you just get a coconutty aftertaste.


I used to write a tea blog and I agree with you about Teapigs (TBH, I don't rate their range at all!) I haven't drunk so much tea since getting knocked up, but I think that vanilla chai might have to be bought- it sounds lush! Chocolate tea is ALWAYS a disappointment, no matter what blend. I think the best I've ever come across is Eteaket's.

Melanie Jane

I was the same with fruit teas for years, I always expected them to have stronger flavours and was disappointed when they turned out to be…well, watery. But these days I enjoy them and am a big green tea drinker as well as a good old British cuppa lover.These teas sound really lovely. I'm not someone who adds sugar to tea/coffee, but there again I do enjoy things like hazelnut or vanilla lattes and mochas, so I like the idea of a slightly sweet-tasting tea alternative as a comforting winter drink. Will have to keep an eye out for these… Read more »


I don't like tea, although I had an apple and cinnamon fruit tea today that was actually very nice, so am going to look into trying some different ones! The chocolate one does sound odd but vanilla chai sounds delicious x

Tattooed Tealady

I want to try the chocolate tea!! xo


I like the sound of the vanilla chai! x


teapigs do chocolate tea too, it's a very faint and light flavour, but it's drinkable!
LOVE CHAI TEA. any chai tea is amazing. you should make chai tea with hot milk instead.
pour cold milk in your cup (or bucket, yours is huge!) then pour it into a pan, put a couple of teabags in the pan and simmer whilst stirring until its veryyyyyy hot. put a couple of sugars in and you're set.
it's SO MUCH NICER than hot water. the ulimate winter drink. it's perfect.

ps where is that mug from! absolutely need it.


I'm going to have to switch to Tesco now to find these teas! Well, the vanilla chai one. I don't think I'll like the chocolate one much. Also, that mug is awesome and big! Need me one of those. x


Your mug is AMAZING!
Chocolate tea – two of my favourite things, combined. I thought it sounded too good to be true..
I think I'll be trying the Vanilla Chai though 🙂

Jesss xo


I want the teas, I want the mug, I want that little chinese head at the background and Terri's company for a much needed who-pisses-me-off chat! x