A Little Bit Obsessed….

Oh eBay and your vast amount of Korean skincare and make up samples. Where would I be without you? I love buying these little treats from Korean sellers on there. You can try all kinds of weird and wonderful goodness without spending more than a few quid a time! I posted about some Korean skincare samples a few weeks ago and immediately went back for more. To be honest, I get them quite often but only decided I would share my little secret recently as they’re too good to be left over seas.

On this occasion I opted for 2 x Sample tubes of the Super79 BB Cream along with the regular BB Cream there was another Super79 BB Cream, which I think it called ‘Super’?! There’s a lot of super’s flying around in any case. I think together they cost something like £3 including postage and packaging. When I saw the Super79 BB Cream came with a little lanyard to attach it to my bag I knew it had to be in my life!! What a great idea. The beauty of these Korean BB Creams is that they actually do everything their Western sisters are meant to do, so you can easily apply it in the morning with little effort and then apply on any area’s you feel the need to throughout the day, without worrying too much about blending etc. In the swatch below I thought I’d compare it to the lightest western BB Cream I’ve found, which is the Witch Skincare BB Cream. Every other BB Cream always applies way too orange on me, and the Witch BB Cream seems to be just right. As you can see though, the Korean BB Creams are completely dull set tones – with almost a grey hue. When applied to a pasty face like me, they do blend in very nicely, and despite my initial worries, I didn’t end up looking like Casper. They’re a great base for paler girls, and once blusher and the rest of your make up is applied you don’t look ghostly at all.
The second sample tube is the Skin79 Super BB Cream. This one is for more for older complexions I think and those concerned with wrinkles. The BB Creams from the East often do say they are ‘whitening’. In fact a lot of Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Asian make up and skin care is marketed with ‘whitening’ properties. I’m not going to write too much about why this is, but I’ve read (on the internet) and been told this is because it’s on trend to look as Western as possible. When I lived with a Japanese and Chinese girl they were telling me all about the weird and wonderful tricks the cosmetics industries over there would sell to give consumers a more ‘Western’ look, and the big one is skin colour and achieving a ‘whiter’ complexion, which is odd when you think that English girls often yearn for a darker complexion huh?! Anyway, I digress. The two BB Creams are very similar, perhaps identical, in consistency, colour and coverage. The Super BB Cream also has extracts of Gold and Caviar according to the box,  which I’m not gonna complain about! Makes me feel a little fancy owning such a high class product. 
As usual, the two samples came with more samples to try (I find oversea’s sellers are quite generous like this!). I got three more sachets – Another Skin79 BB Cream, a Lioele BB Cream and a TonyMoly Tomato Magic White Massage Pack…. Non of these have English instructions on though so if you know what the hell I’m meant to do with TonyMoly’s Massage Pack please let me know (as long as it isn’t anything too erm, strange?)
Have you tried any Korean Skincare samples? I’m obsessed with all these news things and I’m always left impressed by a majority of the products I try. It’s so cheap to just sample one or two things without committing to buying the full size product straight away. Oh and I’m also looking for more skincare sample recommendations, so post some below if you have any!