Dressing Up

I’ve seen loads of posts lately about Halloween costume ideas and make up. So, I thought I’d share a few of my attempts at fancy dress. I’ve never been the biggest fan of goblins, ghouls and witches and get a bit grossed out by ‘party’ things like balloons and party poppers (no idea why). So when it comes to dressing up, I like to think out of the box and see what things I already have that can be made into something all fancy. As an example, last Halloween I went out as Pikachu….

My friend went out as Marie Antoinette, but with blue hair (yes, that is was her real hair at the time!) I made my Pikachu ears by stuffing and sewing some felt onto a cat ear headband I had and dressed all in yellow….
Wigs always come in handy for one reason or another.
 When Kickass came out, I went out as Hit Girl that Halloween. Although I don’t have any pictures of that apart from me eating a nice packet of crisps….
Another year I went out as Snow White and her Seven Dead Dwarfs. People seemed confused about how I’d be the seven dwarfs too, well, that was nothing some paper and pens with a belt couldn’t solve….(not endorsing durex, it’s the only picture I have, in the bogs, classy)
Then for a 1940’s fancy dress opportunity, I went as a air stewardess, my friend went as Anne Frank. A lot of people were asking who Anne Frank was. That’s what you get in Stoke.
There she is, hiding. Those glasses with a nose attached certainly were the best £2 I ever spent…..
Along with the airplane/air hostess theme there was also this one….Can you guess what it is yet?
No? Ok, it was ‘Snakes on a Plane’.
But if all else fails, a cat face drawn on with eyeliner solves everything:
And also, as you can see, cat whiskers are the new black, they go with everything.
And if the cat feels left out, don’t forget that a false eyelash looks wonderful, particularly for Movember.
What will you be going out as this Halloween? I’ve seen an awesome Tudor dress in TK Maxx but it’s £20 and I’m not going to any parties as of yet…Also it seems every time I go out in ‘fancy’ dress no one else does! Oh well, where’s my eyeliner? 

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Ahahahah what a fun post! I dressed up as Pikachu last Halloween too x


I LOVE your eye makeup in the second picture. I think the yellow hair suits you – not many people could pull that off 🙂


Those are great outfits! I love 'talk to the paw'!
Although we all know, me being me, i'm really just zooming in to check what colour nail polish you're wearing


Haha, I went as Misty from Pokemon last year!
That picture of the cat right at the bottom is terrifying haha. Laser eyes! Dashing 'tasche though xx

The secret make-up addict

I love the snow white one makes me want to do something for halloween for once! Oh and you cat is cute ^^


Okay, you look SO FIT dressed up like Snakes on the plane & Snowhite! Oh ehm gee. (Not that you dont look fit normally, obviously, but in those you look like supernaturally fit. To balance out that compliment, you look HORRID with big nose! bleurgh. x