Ironic Interiors

With my birthday coming up next month, you’re probably going to see a few of these posts *hinting lightly* about what I may want (and some things I will throw in just for the lulz of it). As we all know, I’m a big fan of ironic wares, be it clothing or home. So here’s the first instalment of ridiculous little wish lists. Enjoy!
I don’t even like candy floss! But look how lovely and kitsch it is. I love the ice cream door stop, which would actually come in quite handy in my house, as every door needs to be left open else kitty starts wailing like a monkey at the zoo. The gumball dispensers for some reason really remind me of early 90’s cartoons, I can’t get the Chip n’ Dale theme out of my head?! And who DOESN’T want this camera lens cup? What’s on your wishlist for Christmas or any upcoming birthdays?


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Been dying to get the lens mug for ages!

Clawesome NailArt

I bought my best friend the lens cup for her birthday and it is completely amazing. I so wanted to keep it. It is a perfect lens replica and when it arrived my son really thought I'd bought another lens for my SLR and didn't realise it was a mug. I want one myself now!


It's I would like……not want !!


I want one of those dispensers! AMAZING


Whyyy did you have to introduce me to this website? I now want everything ha! I don't even need any of that stuff but at the same time I think my life will always be missing something until I own a mini gumball dispenser! Xx


I love those dispensers!!!!
I've compiled a wish list, really, but it's too long 😀
Are you a scorpio?