I know, I’m a little late to the party with blogging about the much coveted Mythic Oil, but after so much praise and hype, I decided to give it a go. You’ve seen the reviews, ”it’s the best thing ever!” ”omgz lyk totes makes my hair awesome” blah blah blah, and for £14.95 a bottle I was really expecting to and wanted to experience this miracle oil on my hair for myself. My hair is dry and can be prone to that little bit of frizz, and from what I’d read about Mythic Oil it seemed like the ideal product. But did it live up to expectation? Oh, what do you think?

 So when we see something which is called ‘Mythic Oil’ what do we think folks? I did think it would reflect a product which was luxurious, mysterious, or you know, something a bit better than average, something rare and exotic, like unicorns…. I was expecting to be writing a glowing review of something I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else for a cheaper price, which does a better job. Oh, how wrong could I be? Saying that, don’t jump to conclusions yet. The oil isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever tried on my hair, no. But it’s also certainly not the best. I feel that rather than getting the myth as exotic as a unicorn here, we have something much more intriguing in the form of the unicorns vomit. It’s packaged in a fancy way, appealing to the eye, but when you get closer and try the real thing it’s just a over hyped substance better left in a fairy tale (albeit it a rather grim fairy tale if it involved vomit from any mythical creature).
Like I’ve said, the product itself is packaged very nicely, I liked the box, I liked the bottle and the pump. It’s nothing special though really. The smell of Mythic Oil I found to be very synthetic and cheap. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It was kind of that standard salon smell. When I bought it from Toni and Guy the woman explained that it was a blow dry product, only to be used for blow drying (she was very stern about this). I was sure it could be used on dry hair also, and I wasn’t wrong. Mythic Oil can be used on wet or dry hair. Although it is advisable to use a lesser amount on dry hair than wet. I used it in every way I could think of – wet, dry, damp, as a pre-shampoo treatment, hell, I even cracked the hair dryer out to experience it as a blow dry oil. All just left my hair lank and lifeless and no more moisturised than if I’d have used my £2.99 Aldi Miracle Oil, which I favour endlessly over this. I’ve used sparingly and liberally to no avail. It just ends up making my hair look so flat and dull.

I’m sure some people have found Mythic Oil to be the miracle hair product they were after, but I have tried quite a few in the past and I feel this one is by far one of the least favourable out of the lot. I certainly won’t be purchasing it again when like I’ve said, I can get better ones for my hair type at a much cheaper cost.


1. Of, relating to, or resembling myth. 

2. Exaggerated or idealized.

I think I know which definition this one can be filed under…..

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Holly Arabella

I'm so gutted you didn't get on with this, I LOVE my bottle to pieces! I actually prefer it over my pricey Moroccan Oil! I use one or two pumps through damp hair and then style as normal and it leaves my hair beautifully soft and shiny! My mum swears by it too (after using my bottle and then getting her own). Must be different hair types/batches etc x

Extra dark Jamaican black castor oil

This product promises revitalization of dry your money and use mayonnaise or baby oil. The bottle is a mess and you need to use a great amount to get a minimal result.

Stephanie Lowe

Excellent review. I haven't tried this but I don't think I will be in too much of a hurry to now. Its nice to see an honest review. The like a Unicorn comment was funny though!


Love this review, totally what I thought about it also! Sampled it only though and didnt buy!


The Misty Mom


I bet this is another one of those silicone packed things, no wonder it does nothing then, I will stick to my coconut oil 🙂


So glad I read this, before I bought it!



Thank god I read this review, I was believing the hype about it so much. I was just going to end up buying it, my hair type sounds very similar to yours and if it didn't work on you I can't see how it would work wonders for me. I'll keep searching for my holy grail hair oil then! xx


I love your honesty, it's so refreshing. I think a lot of bloggers just say something's good because it's expensive, and so they think it kind of has to be? I have to say, I'm loving the hair oil Primark have got in at the minute, and it's £2.50. As much as I'm always tempted by stuff I see on beauty blogs, splashing out on stuff like that Ojon (something like that??) one just seems like a massive waste of money. I'd much rather get like, a MAC lipstick or something for the same price when I know the cheap… Read more »

helen at thelovecatsINC

my mother kindly bought me this and it was SUCH a waste of money! it did absolutely nothing to my hair, it didn't leave it soft or nourished or anything, just made it limp and lifeless. for the money that it costs it's quite appalling, not sure where those who adore it are coming from as the only nice thing is the box it comes in. i'll stick to my moroccan oil i think!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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Tattooed Tealady

I think some of the oils out there which probably don't have the highest quality ingredients (such as high-street brands like L'oreal) will struggle with doing the job right for every single hair type. I tend to stick to more high-end hair oils as most high-street ones do nothing for me xo

Ashlee Norris

I LOVE this blog post. its so true and to the point! I have seen a similar oil in primark (carefully placed by the tills! – and no pricey packaging!) I have used Henna on my hair before from Savers' I havent used it for a few years but I recommend it! I purchased Base coat and Top coat from M&S and the ingrediants were EXACTLY the same! A CON! @cherrybombbtq


THANK YOU for this. It is so nice to see a sensible review that cuts through all the crap and stupid promises that products so often offer us.
I am confused as to how Loreal can offer us so many different hair oils, like the Extraordinary oil, this one and the Kerastase ones. How are they different? I'd be interested to see an ingredients comparison. I am beginning to think that a hair oil is a hair oil and it doesn't really matter which one you get!