Nivea Lip Butter

I mentioned the new Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia Lip Butter the other day when I reviewed a few things that I wasn’t going to review! It’s such an unexpectedly good lip product that I just had to write about it again and give it more of a limelight. Like most beauty bloggers I’m an avid hoarder of lip balms and butters and they can be so affordable. I always think of them as a little cheap treat when I’m out shopping, like for food and boring stuff because you can pick up a cute little lipbalm pretty much anywhere nowadays. Saying this, I bought Vanilla and Macadamia’s little sister Lip Butter in the form of the Raspberry Rosé the other day when I had walked for about 1 hour in London for The Look Show and my feet were going to fall off. So I thought I’d grace your eyes with a double whammy of Nivea Lip Butter goodness.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Nivea lip product before, in fact I don’t think I’ve tried any Nivea products apart from the original Nivea Cream in the blue tin – which breaks my skin out with spots something rotten. I haven’t purposely avoided Nivea products because of this though, I simply just haven’t noticed any things I’d want to buy, or maybe I have bought some and didn’t notice that either, it’s a mystery! Anyway, the Nivea Lip Butters seem to have forgiven the sins of the facial cream by being so utterly wonderful. I was wondering what made a Lip Butter a Lip BUTTER rather than a balm because non of them ever seem to be that buttery, someone told me it is because the ingredients contain Shea Butter or a similar buttery product and that’s why. Although saying that I’ve just looked at the ingredients for the Revlon Lip Butters and they seem to contain no Butter based ingredients at all. Strange huh. I’m no kind of ingredients guru anyway though so don’t quote me on any of that! Right, back to the Nivea. The Raspberry Rosé is the nicest raspberry fragrance in a product ever. It’s like a lovely raspberry yoghurt or something with a subtle rose undertone that isn’t overpowering at all. It’s really fresh and creamy in scent with a delicate pink tone in the handy little tin. The colour doesn’t transfer onto the lips but the creamy butter smooths and hydrates really well. Much better than any other petroleum based balms (I’m looking at you H&M tea and chocolate balm, fooling me with your pretty packaging). 
As you can see neither lip butter contains any petroleum based ingredients which I always find an absolute bonus when buying new lip products and balms. It annoys me no end when I buy one thinking it’s the greatest scent/flavour ever, then realise it does NOTHING because it’s basically fancy vaseline in an over priced container. The ingredients list for this pair is slightly different for each, which I found quite odd but a little bit refreshing as they’re not just standardised throughout the range. I do find that the Vanilla and Macadamia one is slightly more moisturising than Raspberry Rosé though and find I only had to apply that once a day rather than around 3 times. Saying that though, I’ve been applying both a lot more as I just love the smell of them so much! The butters themselves are just the right texture and hardness. They’re not so hard that you have to rub your finger around loads to transfer some on to it and they’re not that soft that you get over zealous and dig a big hole when you poke your finger in slightly too hard either. I know some people really dislike balms in tins/pots anyway and prefer them in a stick version, but they’re a good size to just rub straight onto your lips too (which is the option I’ve been taking when out and about) and the pan is shallow enough to do this until it’s empty I’d imagine.

Overall, I’d say Nivea Lip Butters were definitely worth the investment of somewhere around £1.50 a pop. I noticed they also did a caramel flavour too which I might pick up next time I see it, yeaaah why not! Actually, I just looked on the Nivea site for more information about the Lip Butters and noticed the Nivea Lip Smoothie Range. I’ll take the Raspberry and Cranberry please! Have you tried them before? Do you think you will now? What your favourite lip balm? I’ve seen a lot of people raving about the EOS balms lately which look like such a great shape! I’m lusting after the melon variety. Yum.