A Few Favourites

I’ve gone and done that thing again where I fail to take pictures of products before I use them, then fall in love and just have to write about them. Whoops. So here it is, a little collection of things I’ve found myself going back to again and again recently. It’s all looking a little grubby and I’m not sure if it’s just me that constantly looses the lids for EVERYTHING, but at least you can see the products in the picture, albeit not in their finest glory!

So let’s start with the make up bits, eh. These are ones that I’ve not really tried before, but since having them in my life I have found myself using them on a daily basis. One thing I haven’t swatched below but you can see in the above image is the Mandara Spa Cooling Gel, I tried to take pictures but when it’s a clear gel substance it doesn’t really work too well! It’s basically a lovely moisturising gel which instantly cools your skin. It was great in the summer and I’ve found now I never have boots and thick socks off my feet now it’s cold, they’re over heating slightly! When I get in I smudge a bit of this around my poor soles and they feel much more refreshed and the cooling action feels amazing! You can get it from Sainsburys and it’s only a few quid, so if you’re like me with very oddly hot toes then it’s worth a try. Now, on to the swatched goodness below…..
Oriflame Ever Lasting Foundation: This is such a wonderful foundation, especially considering I thought I wouldn’t be a fan at all. It’s a medium coverage formula which at first I thought wouldn’t give my uneven spotty skin tone a chance to be covered up. But this light weight foundation manages to hide all the sins and still let my skin breathe, I’ve found it’s actually helped my spots to clear a little too as it’s not just clogging my pores up constantly! I do have to seal it with a powder but I do that regardless of what foundation I use. It does last all day! It’s currently on offer for £7.95 and is a really great alternative to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, the colour swatches on the website and are pretty true to life though and Fair Nude is my perfect match.
Look Beauty Glow & Go: Tereza gave me this, and I have no idea why! It’s brilliant!!! It’s a really light highlighter and quite subtle, not like others I have used. It’s a very sheer glow and leaves your skin looking so dewy and fresh. I find that using it all over my face after the Oriflame foundation but before a powder gives me such a healthy looking complexion and somehow it irons out the imperfections, making it a much softer finish, whilst not looking like Edward Cullen. I have tried using it just as a highlighter though and found it not as good as when used all over my face with foundation. 
Sleek Blusher Rose Gold: I’ve often said I don’t *get* blusher obsessions and why people would go crazy for them or even have more than one. I really like shimmery blushers like the baked Accessorize ones and find it hard to get ones that have just the right amount of shimmer without looking glittery, I’ve even used eye shadows in the past when not being able to find the right one. This Sleek one is perfection, in a blusher! It’s also literally the only Rose Gold blusher I could find on the high street. For a fiver I was iffing and arr-ing as like I’ve said I begrudge paying out of blushers, but now, oh how my opinion has changed! £5 well spent. It’s a lovely pink hue as you can see from the swatch with slightly coral undertones and a really lovely gold highlighting finish – not like any blusher I’ve tried before, give it a swatch in Superdrug you’ll love it!
Essie Navigate Her: Another cast off from a blogging buddy! This was sent to me from Stephanie after I was tweet moaning about not wanting to spend the same amount on postage as I was on the nail varnish when I found it for £1.99 on a website. She mentioned she had it but it wasn’t her kind of colour, but the colour is MY FAVOURITE EVER. It’s a lovely shade of green which reminds me of moss. I’ve not tried Essie polishes before but I love the brush and how it can swipe your nail full of colour in a single stroke. It does peel off pretty easily though which is disappointing considering the RRP.
I’ve noticed fancy candles seem to be hot on the bloggersphere of late and it’s actually shocked me how much some of the ones people are writing about are retailing for – anything up to £30?! FOR A CANDLE? Seriously guys. Anyway, I’ve found myself recommended the Muji candles endlessly on Twitter so included my favourite one in this post. It’s the Caramel and Roasted Almonds one which I got last year. It smells delicious! It only cost £3.50 and the scent is so strong I leave the lid off when not lit and just use it as an air freshener. It’s nearly gone now though and this scent has been discontinued, but I’m looking forward to finding a replacement when I next go in to Muji that’s for sure.
So, there you have it, a few of my favourite things from the past few weeks. I’m sorry my blog has been a little neglected this week too, I’ve been visiting friends and generally doing a lot of sulking about. I’ve built a bridge and got over it though! Haha. What do you think of favourite product round ups like this too? I generally don’t do them very often and only when I find myself realising there’s things I can’t put down! Shall I make them a regular monthly post or are there too many of those floating around beauty blogs already? Be lovely if I could have some feedback! Also, due to a clerical error (ie, me being utterly dopey!) I accidentally put the date of the £30 Barratt’s prize draw as the 2nd not the 12th!! So the £30 competition has unfortunately ended as Rafflecopter wouldn’t let me rectify this issue. However!!! If you’re entering the £70 Blog post comp then that’s definitely still on till the 12th!! I will post the £30 winner and the 3 finalists for the £70 prize on the 12th (does this even make SENSE guys?!!) The final 3 will be live on my blog for a week with a readers poll to decide the WINNER! Wooo!