Yankee Doodle Do

Yankee Doodle Do
Another post mentioning candles. Yes candles are the new black, or red, or yellow, or whatever colour of these vibrant Yankee Candles you may choose. I really like Yankee Candles and do think they’re probably some of the most interesting scents around, and I particularly like how they come in their own fancy pants jars too! I don’t like commiting to just one big jar though and I can’t afford to buy more than one at a time either…. A great way to try Yankee Candles at a more purse friendly price is by getting your little paws on some of the samplers. They’re basically just smaller versions of the biggers ones but weigh in at a puny £1.80 each versus the £10+ commitment of the larger varieties. Here are a few of my favourites so far:
1. Vanilla Lime – a love light and fresh lime scent with a sweet undertone of creamy vanilla.
2. Black Cherry – Think black forest gateaux without the sickly sweet side.
3. Honey Spice – A nice little twist on the classic honey scent with a nice hint of clove and vanilla.
4. Mango Peach Salsa – Another really refreshing fragrance which is so fruity!
5. Red Velvet – This one can get a little sickly but it’s a lovely cakey smell with a hint of chocolate I thought!
What are you favourite scents to try? I really like either vanilla and nutty ones or refreshing fruity smells. I think the only Yankee Candle I’ve tried so far that I wasn’t keen on was the Vanilla Cupcake! Wayyyy to sickly and I’m currently sniffing the wonders of an apple air freshener one in my car!