Wrapping Up

Ah, fur coats, I’ve gone from zero to hero with them over the space of a few weeks and this is my second one now. It’s from H&M and although not quite as fluffy as my Daisy Street version, it’s still stroke-able, very stroke-able indeed. I wore this outfit to the Clothes Show last weekend. This coat has become my new ‘every day’ one, as it’s so warm, but practical and flattering.

I did spot it in H&M at the beginning of the Autumn and loved it. For £50 though I couldn’t justify the price for yet another coat. I have so many already! But then I went into the Manchester branch and it was there, glaring at me, making me fall in love. I stepped a bit closer to find a massive 50% off it! I just had to have it in my life. For a few pence short of £25 it was well worth the investment. As you can also see I’ve got a bit of a thing for garments with panels of faux leather on at the moment too. These panel legging/trousers are from H&M too and only cost around £12.99. When I first bought them I wasn’t too sure about them as they were completely out of my comfort zone and they looked a bit like scuba diving trousers! Alas, they are so flattering!!!! I need more in my life, one pair isn’t enough!! H&M seem to have stopped selling them though which absolutely sucks ass. I braved my bowler hat in the end too, which once again is from H&M. I don’t own much stuff from there, but I do seem to like wearing exclusively H&M when I do crack out the odd piece.
In other news, I start my new job officially after Christmas. I’ve been struggling working part time as a communications executive at a digital design company. An endlessly cool job and environment but just didn’t pay the bills!! So I’ve gone onwards and upwards and landed a job as PR assistant at a productions company, which is proving to be fun!! I haven’t worked full time properly since before uni though so it’s taking a bit of adjusting too at the moment, as I’m doing 3 days at the old place and 2 at the new during the cross over and I’ll be working monday to friday from the new year, so apologies if you notice a lull in blog updates in the meantime!!